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Submission + - HTC Vive is $799, ships from April 1st (

mobby_6kl writes: The HTC Vive VR headset, developed in a partnership with Valve, has been announced ahead of schedule today to cost $799, with pre-orders opening on December 29th and shipping form April 1st. The Vive will ship with two games that take advantage of the system's two motion controllers and "room-scale" capabilities, Job Simulator and Fantastic Contraption. Currently, the release appears to be limited to a number of countries in North America, Europe and Asia.

This makes the headset $200 more expensive than the main competitor Oculus Rift, but does include the two motion controllers as well as Bluetooth for smartphone connectivity. However, detailed specifications for either system are not yet known.

Submission + - Ubisoft's new DRM system cracked within a day (

mobby_6kl writes: The previous article on this topic got even more attention from slashdot posters than the original confirmation of Ubisoft's new draconian DRM system, but one of the first games to implement this has been released recently, and, perhaps to the surprise of few, was cracked on the very same day, according to Eurogamer and many other sources. Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic was supposed to implement the system under which a constant connection to Ubi's servers was required in order to play the game, but contrary to the article linked in the previous submission, it appears to have been much more vulnerable than expected.

So far Ubisoft denies that the game has been really cracked, and while it is indeed too early to tell which part of the protection was circumvented, and whether it was a weakness in the specific implementation, it is hard to argue with the ability to play the game after the rather standard process of installing the game and then overwriting the executable with the one provided. It should also be noted that the patch which was rushed out to address some of the game's technical issues fared no better than the original release.

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