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Comment New users are lazy. (Score 1) 477

Here's what I think happens:

I user starts using project X, and seeks help. They see a deficiency in support, so start helping people on the project X forum/IRC/mailing list. This user spends all kinds of time, researching answers, analyzing XYZ "how to article" the other users claimed to follow.

The user seeking help says, "well, I followed XYZ how-to to the letter, it's obviously something wrong with project X"

Helpful user points out the man page indicates different from what the how-to claims.

The user refuses to read the man page, just wants Helpful to tell them what to do.

Rinse. Repeat.


The problem is two-fold: there are lazy users, and burned out helpful folks. The latter gets jagged, but the new users stay lazy, because they're always new. Once they move beyond new, they fit the middle ground.

Unfortunately, I don't know of a solution other than paid support. These guys get paid to stay nice, but the users stay lazy.

Submission + - Why do people say the featured snippet aka direct answer steals traffic? ( 1

Surat Now writes: Before understanding this you should understand what is google rich answer from our last blog about it.

Not everyone loves the featured snippet. Some people argue that getting in the featured snippet can actually cause your site to lose traffic.

This is where user intent matters. If someone is just looking for an answer, they might not want to read an entire article on the topic in question.

Google save time of user by providing short answer to user using featured snippet, But that user is not interested in reading detailed answer about his question.

Comment Bad firmware update. (Score 1) 228

Dear Umbrella Corp Customer,

We rolled out an automatic firmware update last night that seems to have a few bugs. If your AutoGunner 3000 killed your entire village, please follow these steps to restore it to factory mode:

        1) Using a paper clip, press the small reset button (located on the front of your AutoGunner 3000's turret, directly below the .308 barrel).
        2) Continue depressing the button for approximately 5 seconds. If the turret begins to move, release and start the procedure over.
        3) If you survived^H^H^H^H^H^Hhear a slight beep, your AutoGunner 3000 should begin a warm boot process. Any remaining shells or cartridges in the hopper or magazine will be emptied. DO NOT STAND IN FRONT OF YOUR AutoGunner 3000 DURING WARM BOOT.
        4) Re-apply the firmware update (available on our website).

Comment finger off the button... (Score 1) 138

Downloaded El Capitan last night, haven't pushed the button yet. Manage to use my Macbook Pro in place of the shitty Dell laptop corporate IT pushes on me. This makes Outlook fairly mandatory, but I can use RDP to a Windows machine to resolve it. Better I know now.

Surprisingly, I've been a fan of MS Office, and have been tickled that Microsoft has offered such great support on the Mac platform. I feel they've (finally) adopted the, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!" crowd. This is great, and I use MS product on my Macs and pay for valid licenses on Windows VMs for when it's needed (Required Windows to write a book (shameless plug here: Please, Microsoft, keep up the cross-OS/platform support.

Comment Re:Don't forget filesystem efficiency! (Score 1) 92

Not only is the underlying physical technology getting better, but the software (aka filesystem) utilizing that hardware is also becoming more efficient. The likes of ZFS and ext4 are far better than predecessors (UFS or ext2/3). No troll-o, but I think NTFS and FATx are static in performance across hardware revisions.

Gah, forgot to log in.

Submission + - Facebook bullying developers (

An anonymous reader writes: Developer of a popular python library called "yowsup" — a library that implements Whatsapp's closed protocol- has received a cease and desist and demand letter from Whatsapp, threating legal action against him and demanding compensation for the damages caused by his work. tgalal also tweeted that his Facebook account has been disabled as a result of this, and that they're going to disable his Instagram and WhatsApp too.

Submission + - GAO discovers another out-of-control NASA project 2

schwit1 writes: A new GAO report has found that NASA's effort to upgrade the ground-based portion of its satellite communications system, used by both military satellites and manned spacecraft, is more than 30 percent over budget, with its completion now delayed two years to 2019.

Worse, the GAO found that this problem program was actually one of three that have had budget problems. And that doesn't include the disastrously overbudget James Webb Space Telescope.

In its latest assessment of NASA's biggest programs, the U.S. Government Accountability Office identified the Space Network Ground Segment Sustainment (SGSS) as one of three — not counting the notoriously overbudget James Webb Space Telescope — that account for most of the projected cumulative cost growth this year. The others are the Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission, which launched March 12, and the Ice, Cloud, and Land Elevation Satellite-2, or ICESat-2, mission, the congressional watchdog agency said.

The last two projects are part of the climate focus that Obama imposed on NASA.

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