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Comment mythtv is junk (Score 1) 214

I strongly advice everyone using mythtv to move to vdr instead. I did a year ago, after 3 years of mythtv, it's another league as far as usability. It you need al the non-tv addons you're better off with xbmc+vdr. do yourself a favour and drop mythtv now.

Comment already a law in europe since 1992 (Score 1) 494

in europe, thanks to publishing lobbies the companies gets paid to compensate allegedly lost sales.
in italy at least this is paid directly by the government, so that end users haven't noticed, still I think it's a shame that libraries, which for thousands of years have been the place that could freely spread culture are now considered 'lost sales'

it's directive 92/100 from 1992 (in several languages).

here is an explanation.

press release from 2002 that says that many countries have not adopted the directive yet (italy did in 1996).

wikipedia says this amount is in reality not very high, however the principle itself is chilling.

Comment VDR (Score 1) 536

after 3-4 years of mythtv I found VDR, and it's everything myth is supposed to be.
if you're using dvb-s/t/c it's perfect, notice that it springs from the linuxtv project itself. it's also super fast, channel switching is faster than my set-top box.
and if you need grey-area tools to use your legit subscription services there are plenty of tools available, and most of all you can talk about it freely in the forums, as opposed to the mythtv mailing lists.
for the media player part, I use xbmc

Comment why not centralized heating? (Score 1) 456

if the heating bill is the problem, why not centralize it?

I live in a 200k people town in italy.
we have a power plant close to the town center.
we have built pipes under most of the central part of town
hot water coming out of the plant as a byproduct get
piped to the individual homes and is used for heating during the winter.
the bill for the people is cheaper and it seem to work quite well.

the only problem is what gets burned in the plant, but that is a typical italian political problem that would probably not exist in other parts of the world

Comment Upgraded months ago (Score 1) 329

after four years of mythtv a few months ago I upgraded to VDR (

I always avoided it since I wanted the 'noisy backend in basement' and 'silent frontend in living room' separation, and I thought it was exclusive to mythtv. In reality, vdr handles it much better and on lower hardware specs.

and for all of the non-tv features, xbmc takes care of them very nicely.

Comment stupid, stupid, stupid (Score 1) 291

all it takes to make everybody happy is require video uploaders who use copyrighted music to clearly state the song they are using, so that youtube can automagically link the video to a 'buy this song now' place

it's so obvious that I think that the only reason this has not been implemented yet (and the real reason for artists' rants) it's that they have not agreed yet on which webstore should sell the music.

Comment Re:That is, as the Brits say, bollocks (Score 1) 951

I have never heard anyone in Europe utter such crap.

not even the pope, who has expressed several times his support to darwin's work!

i think it was Robin Williams who said 'americans: so puritan even the english kicked them out'

thank god (notice the pun) it seems to apply to a small, although noisy, minority of americans

Comment Re:Kill!!! (Score 1) 855

I once had a user that had a strange (to her) dialog box.
She could take a screenshot of the box only (alt+print screen, so not that clueless after all), print it, and faxed it to me with a handwritten note asking 'what should I do?'.
I should add that the dialog box only had a 'OK' button, and that was the only option...

The Internet

Submission + - School Massacre planned and posted on YouTube (

An anonymous reader writes: A Finnish upper secondary school student posted his plans for executing a massacre in Jokela today in advance on the Internet, including a video on YouTube (the video is now removed, however). According to the Finnish news paper Helsingin Sanomat (in Finnish), he posted a 21-file package on the Internet including a manifest stating (freely translated) "I cannot say I am part of the same race as this lousy, arrogant and selfish human race. No! I have developed a step ahead." The newspaper also reports the shooting was inspired by the shootings in Columbine. The number of victims is not yet clear, but according to rumours one has died.
The Internet

Submission + - School shooting at .fi after YouTube videos

An anonymous reader writes: Today a school shooting took place in Finnish school of Jokela, Tuusula. My big condolences to all families and friends of its victims. :(

A student with obvious mental problems took lives of seven people (status at 15:51 +2UTC, one critical with head wound in hospital) with .22 caliber pistol. His is now in police custody. According to his now closed youtube account his previous account got removed: YouTube suspended my previous account but I am back now :) My new account name is German and means "Stormspirit" in English. — reasons that it was full of similar videos showing that he is planning this massacre. People at Youtube and its users surely think that they should have done more than close his account. The question is, how many others are out there, and will we learn something about this? How this will change our access to online services like youtube and goverment reactions to such cases in the future? Finnish PM Matti Vanhanen already stated that it's extremely difficult to prepare to such incidents but I don't fully agree with him as there were clear evident in youtube days before and lot of people saw it.

A really sad story indeed. :(

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