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Comment Re:Cryptocurrency mentality. (Score 1) 44

There are many libertarians who believe in a minimal state and real courts of law, but, yeah, if there are individuals in the cryptocurrency space crying for government intervention at the level of the protocol, then they're missing the point. You don't have to be a libertarian to see the usefulness of Bitcoin, though.

Comment Re:Imagine if it was worth something... (Score 1) 106

No need to create their own blockchain, though -- they could simply build it on top of the Bitcoin blockchain if it offers an efficiency for this purpose. See here for an example of that sort of thing: http://insidebitcoins.com/news...

There's also Tether USD: https://tether.to/why-use-teth...

Comment Re:It wasn't the bitcoin getting laundered. (Score 1) 121

What illegal proceeds was he taking by selling them his bitcoins for their dollars? Their dollars were illegal proceeds? No, this wasn't a case of individuals with past illegal proceeds trying to cover this up by selling their dollars for bitcoins. IANAL, but money laundering generally refers to the process of making illegally obtained money look as if it was obtained legally. This isn't that. This transaction may well have involved legally earned dollars and legally earned bitcoins, unless proven otherwise.

Submission + - Why The Next 20 Years Will Be Completely Unlike The Last 20 (peakprosperity.com) 11

Adam Taggart writes: Scientist-turned-economist Chris Martenson delivers this warning: Society is facing a future in which the economic prosperity the world has enjoyed over the past century can no longer continue.

His important newly-released video — The 'Accelerated' Crash Course — shines a bright light on the key economic, energy and environmental trends that are defining our future, and the risks we face as a result. But it also offers hope. If conscientious individuals take action now, while there's still time, there's much they can do not only to reduce their personal vulnerability to these threats, but also to step into this new future with newfound optimism.

This free new video is available for viewing online at http://www.peakprosperity.com/....

Comment Re:The most important lesson in life being taught (Score 2, Interesting) 663

Here's my argument referring to what you said would be acceptable authorities on morality being objective: "One study found that most philosophers today accept or lean towards moral realism, as do most meta-ethicists, and twice as many philosophers accept or lean towards moral realism as accept or lean towards moral anti-realism." Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moral_realism

Comment Re:I went with LXDE (Score 1) 101

I've been wanting to use something that is lighter weight than Ubuntu on a relatively older netbook (the original Lenovo IdeaPad S10 from 2008), but I haven't been able to get the wireless drivers to work on it with either Lubuntu or Xubuntu, originally having tried 11.04, and later 11.10. Ubuntu, on the other hand, had the wireless working right out of the box. Why is it that these Ubuntu variants can break something as standard as wireless drivers? I searched around and tried to follow some directions in various online forums to get the Broadcom BCM4312 to work by running some command line instructions, but simply had no luck. Maybe it will be fixed in the variants of 12.04?

Comment Re:Home porn videos? (Score 1) 332

As far as a doctor transcribing the information/diagnosis in front of you, I've actually appreciated having one of my doctors doing this, as it allows me to actually hear the more technical aspects of his description in real time, and it allows him to correct it if he's misheard anything or I hear anything contrary to what I've described to him right then and there. It makes the visit much more personalized. As far as rude and unhelpful office staff and mixing up of records, that's obviously unacceptable.

Comment Re:Perfect american corporate business practice (Score 1) 231

Is there a reason why you are spelling their site name with a capitalized .Com after it, both here and on your page, when it is neither the common convention to do so, or Download.com's convention? I don't bring it up simply to nitpick, I bring it up because it makes an otherwise excellent statement on your webpage look somewhat unprofessional.

Comment Re:well if this pans out (Score 1) 413

It's actually not of greatest importance to know whether climate change is anthropogenic in nature or not. Even if rainbow-colored fairies were the root cause of it, we'd still need to come up with a way to stop it. What really matters is whether or not we should trust what the scientists are predicting, and what the risks would be to let it continue unabated.

If climate change continues to move in the same direction, then based on the risks involved I've been convinced that we do need to come up with a way of stopping it. The thing is, it takes political willpower of a majority to call for the right application of funds to develop a solution, so the most solid argument I've seen to convince others of this perspective is contained in the following set of videos by Greg Craven, and it lies in the proper application of risk management to develop the most informed perspective on the chances of bad things actually occurring. If you can, at least watch the first one: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=92EE5DBE2987982F

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