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Submission + - Utilities Racing to Plug Grid Before 'Disaster Strikes' (wsj.com)

FreeMichael61 writes: "In the latest episode of Spy vs. Spy, China rejects accusations its hacking U.S. companies to steal IP or bring down the grid. But there's no doubt the grid can be hacked, CIO Journal's Steve Rosenbush and Rachael King report. Industrial control networks are supposed to be protected from the Internet by an air gap that, it turns out, is largely theoretic. Rosenbush and King detail the attack vectors that hackers could use to bring down the electrical system in a neighborhood near you."

Comment Re:Starve (Score 1) 372

Excellent idea. I was at a high of 234 pounds for my 5'10" body - obese. I started having as large of a breakfast as I wanted, a smaller lunch and just yougurt for dinner - basically skipping the last meal while still letting my body know it didn't need to kick into survival mode. Over the last four months I have lost 35 pounds - actually just broke the 200 mark for the first time in 15 years yesterday! :) I stopped feeling hungry in the evenings after about a week.

Comment Why is suicide illegal? (Score 1) 838

I've often wondered if it would be possible to set up a legal suicide service. Put checks and balances in, as well as a cooling off period, and let people who choose to die, die with grace, We are going to have large amounts of death due to climate change, and some people who survive will suffer. Countries have had policies on who would live/die in disasters for years. We need to stop thinking of a life as sacred and see it as it is.

Comment 27 years in IT and right on the nose (Score 2, Informative) 347

I suffer from general anxiety disorder. It has affected my relationships, my health and my pocketbook. As of Tue I am being forced to declare bankruptcy, despite the fact WHEN I WORK I made $30-$40 an hour. I find it almost impossible to keep a job because of it. I really wish I had read this Slashdot story back in 1983. :)

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