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Comment Re:Generate your own 'fake' logs (Score 1) 857

I'll give them a hardcopy in base zero. Though they are going to have to pay me a $1 per page records copying fee.

And of course to keep the information safe for their perusal the information has been encrypted. The password is the unabridged complete works of Shakespeare translated in Sumerian using a numeric system defined by the refraction of the light from Polaris through this lens in the year 4027 April 1st placed on the ocean floor at the north pole atop the shroud of Turin.

Good hunting gentlemen!

Comment Re:Single Purpose Bills (Score 1) 873

The main problem is supposedly they already have this, they just interpret it so loosely that free lollipops for preschoolers can be in a Satellite Launch bill because that satellite launch will use fuel that some preschoolers may grow up to refine some day in future launches. It's even worse with this "stimulus" bill. Because according to Obama's speech the otherday stimulus just means spending lots of money on stuff. So whatever they feel like they can cram on this bill so long as they can bribe 3 republicans to vote for it.

Comment Re:Same as 4th grade (Score 1) 613

I noticed my eyes were really dry and I had to scrub them when reading your comment. Is it a coincidence or is there a hidden message in your post about Being transferred from Iraq to Graceland via manatees under mind contol of an alien Elvis?

Comment Re:Global Warming not Global Weather. (Score 1) 290

Personally I think global warming would be a good thing and may even slightly flatten out the distribution curve. If the polar icecaps have melted the current and atmosphere are going to calm down consicerably as it won't have the extreme temperature difference of sub-zero ice at one end bathwater warm water in the middle.

Most of the land at the equator is a desert already but much of the northern landmass is still locked in semi-permanent winter. Melting the perma frost on that vast landmass would be much more useful to us than making sure it doesn't get a few degrees warming in the tropics.

Comment Re:I'm tired of you ethical moralists (Score 3, Informative) 554

That God explicitly blessed the occasional wiping out of various peoples, basically designating them as subhuman. This also violates the commandment "thou shalt not kill" which is stupidly contradictory. Any child can see the conflict here, which is why they are punished when they discover these flaws, in order to brainwash them into believing your nonsense.

The Translation of "Lo Tirtzach" into "thou shall not kill" is a loose translation. Some translations use "Thou shall not commit murder" but this translation is more narrowly defined than what tirtzach encompasses. Kill and murder are entirely different words. Something more accurate would be "Do nothing which causes innocent blood to be shed." Tirtzach applies to murders as well as neglect and reckless endangerment. It does not encompass self defense, someone else's defense, killing national enemies, and killing people guilty of capital offenses.

Comment Re:Animal Genetic Material into Human Eggs (Score 1) 554

It sounds like your,re arguing against yourself there. If the only advantage humans have over most animals is brains and thumbs then why burden a subrace with our weaknesses when adding thumbs and a better brain to something more animal would be easier? Physically speaking there's much more involved in trying to make someone stronger or faster than there is for making something stronger or having thumbs. To make someone stronger or faster you have to modify the muscles, the bone density and configuration, the heart and vascular system, as well. No matter how much muscle you pile on someone and how fast you make the twitch responses they aren't going to be able to beat a cheetah because our frame is just not built for speed. Animals on the other hand already have a brain and the physical advantage. Making the brain larger and adding a thumb aren't nearly as involved. It's much easier to take a rally car, add a minifridge and allow the seat to recline than it is to make a motorhome perform on par with a rally car.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Attempted murderer pwned by train

TechnicalFool writes: Man leaves girl in car on train tracks. Train hits car. Car kills man. Girl survives.

I don't normally rejoice in the death of a fellow human being, but this article brought a small grin to my face.

Submission + - SCO to be delisted from Nasdaq

Frosty Piss writes: "SCO has six months to get its share price trading above $1 for a sustained period or it will be delisted from the Nasdaq stock exchange. SCO has been trading below $1 since March 13. It now has until October 22 to get above $1 for 10 consecutive days, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing. SCO's share price plunged below $1 in December 2006 after US District Judge Dale Kimball affirmed an earlier ruling limiting the SCO's claims against IBM to just 106 items of evidence. Just days later Novell filed a request for a partial summary judgment that could cripple SCO's already diminished breach of contract and copyright case against IBM. The company has avoided delisting once before, but perhaps SCO's days are numbered."

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