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Comment Low Availability? (Score 4, Interesting) 176

I have to admit, due to this outage I just logged in to Slashdot for the first time in a year. We're experiencing our own outages at work, unrelated to AWS, but I'd hate to be an AWS admin during one of these major outages. This makes me wonder why Reddit, Imgur, etc., don't have presences in multiple availability zones to prevent this kind of outage.

Comment Re:OH NOES (Score 2) 90

Or you want reliable email and communications, you know. iPhone and Android suck at ensuring your email and/or text messages get out. Blackberries just don't give up. Email, too. Many times my Android phone has tried to send an email just to finally send it out the next day. My Blackberries have never not been persistent. If signal goes out, they pick up as soon as they can.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Android phone, but the Blackberry holds a place in this world. I would love to have a company issued other-phone, but the Blackberry makes sure I stay in touch. It's all for the better that all of the games on it suck.

PS, have you tried BBOS 6? It's actually pretty slick... especially on the Torch.

Comment Re:OH NOES (Score 2) 90

even a few misguided people use Blackberries.

Please, oh please, tell me why I am misguided. I'd love to hear your reason. A Blackberry is a phone. A phone is a tool. You choose a tool that does the job you need it to do. iPhones don't always make the cut, or any other phone for that matter. I am personally offended now.

Now, regarding the rest of your post: Yes, and like I said, they just plain work. A lot of people will trade fancy flashlights built in to their phones for stability. I personally would rather have a 100% working phone than flash capabilities. You may not think about the Ford Econoline, Chevy Express, or even the Mack trucks on the road, but without them, the world stops spinning.

Comment Re:There work here is done (Score 1) 90

Unless you follow RIM closely, you'd probably never know. Most people don't care!

  • BBOS 6.0 was announced in April of 2010, then released in Q3 of the same year.
  • BBOS 7.0 was annouced in May of 2011, then released in August of the same year.

I'd say that a release a year is about right for what they're doing, and I foresee it being the same.

Comment Re:OH NOES (Score 5, Insightful) 90

I urge you to look around and remember how many Blackberries are still being used everywhere. You may not like them, you may have never used one, and your experience may be limited to these sensationalized news articles, but enough people still use Blackberries that it is actually important.

I carry two phones, one company Blackberry and my personal Samsung Galaxy S2. Before I got my GalaxyS2, I carried a personal Blackberry. They are good phones and their software is solid. Not many other smartphones can go weeks without having to be rebooted, especially with the battery life they pull.

Comment Re:RT (Score 1) 321

Have you ever developed anything with Perl? (Its not "PERL"!!!) It is an elegant language. You just have to be mature with it just as with any other language so you don't get ahead of yourself and stuck with the stereotype Perl maintenance beast. Please remember that Java is not a suitable language for most things (I assume you're a fresh Java developer from your ignorance).

Comment Re:MS: Stop writing OS's!!! (Score 1) 631

It sounds to be that you wish to idiot proof computing. In regards to that, I urge you to read the following famous quote:

"Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning."
Red Hat Software

Submission + - Red Hat rejecting Microsft's offer

jayd56 writes: "In a recent Turn of events, Red Hat has rejected Microsoft's offer that was Novell accepted earlier this week: "We do not believe there is a need for or basis for the type of relationship defined in the Microsoft-Novell announcement," said Mark Webbink, Red Hat's deputy general counsel, in an e-mail. "[But] Red Hat has and will continue to work with Microsoft on true interoperability and open standards in the way we did in advising them in the development of their Open Specification Promise.""

Submission + - The pirate land of Australia

ccozan writes: "The Internet Industry Association of Australia is rushing to pass a law that would incriminate allmost everybody. From the release:'a family who holds a birthday picnic in a place of public entertainment (for example, the grounds of a zoo) and sings 'Happy Birthday' in a manner that can be heard by others, risks an infringement notice carrying a fine of up to $1320. If they make a video recording of the event, they risk a further fine for the possession of a device for the purpose of making an infringing copy of a song.'. Anyone knows an alternative to "Happy Birthday" song?"
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Fedora On PS3 Video

klippoth writes: "I just thought I would let you guys know, not only do I have Fedora Core 5 for PPC installed on my Playstation 3, but I actually ran through the boot loader and demonstrated how it works, whilst simultaneously video capturing the results. I edited it a little bit to reduce redundant frames (frames of just watching a cursor flash) so the whole thing comes in just over 3 minutes. I have posted a low-rez version at Youtube if you would like to check it out, and if you believe it to be newsworthy, you can use the high-rez footage I took. Just let me know, I'll be happy to contribute! (I could also give you my ever-so humble opinion on the whole Linux-on-PS3 concept, after I have given it a bit more of a thorough inspection.) And yes, I am selling it on Ebay, although that was not my original intention. But hearing about people making ten grand...well, let's just say my love for my PS3 is NOT unconditional. Metal Gear Solid 4 doesn't come out for another year anyway! (Although it seems that sales for PS3 are starting to slow down...oh well, I can think of worse things to be stuck with!!)"

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