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Submission + - Petition to declassify NSA Research Results (

Trizor writes: "Amidst all of the hubbub of secession petitions, more modest proposals do occasionally appear on We the People. This example requests that the NSA come up with a declassification program for its mathematical research results. Slashdotters are probably familiar with the scale of the NSA's mathematics research wing and the incredibly strict classification stance taken on results. An official White House response to this petition would be something to see, indeed."

Submission + - Wikipedia Pre-emptively Deletes New Apple Tablet (

Mitchell Bogues writes: After a long and fierce debate, Wikipedia admins have decided to perform a speedy deletion on the article for widely-rumoured but thus far unverified new Apple tablet. It's nice to see them following Wikipedia guidelines for once, but isn't this a bit premature, given Apple's impending but mysterious press conference announcement?

Submission + - (

amstan writes: "This website features an LED fluorescent replacement lamp that can be installed into any fluorescent fixture by removing the ballast and connecting the fixture directly to the 12 volt section of a solar or wind energy based home. The most interesting fact about this project is that it was designed by high school students. It even includes lux measurements at various angles to compare their lamp to fluorescent lamps. They also provide instructions on how to build your own lamp just like they did."

Submission + - Inside the Institute for Quantum Computing (

Trizor writes: "In a recent talk to the University of Waterloo Computer Science Club, Raymond Laflamme, the director of the Institute for Quantum Computing, introduced the basic ideas of quantum information, and followed with an introduction to the current state of programming languages for quantum computers: a hodgepodge of device specific qbit twiddling with all sorts of magic numbers. Also on the talk website are two videos of tours of IQC labs. The video quality isn't the best, but the content is worth it. Feels like an early documentary on the ENIAC or a trip to Bletchley Park."

Comment Re:Jetlag was bad? Watch out for ScramJet lag (Score 3, Interesting) 214

There are two throttle backs during orbiter ascent, neither of which have to do with G forces. The first occurs at approximately 1:31 when the shuttle hits Max-Q, maximum aerodynamic pressure. Once through Max-Q the shuttle is throttled back up until after the 8 minute mark, when the final throttle back commences. This is to turn the engines off before all fuel in the external tank is exhausted, because an emergency shutdown, the one caused by the sensors in the ET is rather painful on the turbopumps, and while better than the explosively catastrophic failure that would occur should the turbopumps run dry, is still not a very happy option. The shuttle doesn't achieve excessive G's by design.

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