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Submission + - Tech Talent Sortage and Guestworkers (

mk1004 writes: The Atlantic has an article, based upon an Economic Policy Institute report, saying that America's tech-talent shortage is a myth. As noted in the article, the current immigration bill running through the Senate would greatly increase the number of H1-B visas, solving a non-existing problem. The EPI report states that "U.S. employers have access to the world’s largest body of STEM students."

Submission + - Google Asks Federal Judge to Challenge National Security Letters (

mk1004 writes: From the Washington Post comes an article that says Google is petitioning the court, two weeks after the U.S. District Judge in San Francisco ruled that NSLs are unconstitutional because they “violate the First Amendment and separation of powers principles.” It reported that Google filed a petition to “set aside the legal process,” citing a provision that allows judges to modify or deny NSLs that are “unreasonable, oppressive, or otherwise unlawful.” EFF attorney Matt Zimmerman was quoted as saying “the people who are in the best position to challenge the practice are people like Google. So far no one has really stood up for their users.”

Submission + - Did Garland Police Violate 4th Amendment Rights In Search? (

mk1004 writes: The Dallas Morning News reports on a search for a convected felon at his brother's house. Surveillance cameras caught images of officers searching a parked car on the property, a duffel bag on the ground, and peering inside of the house. At one point, an officer turned one of the surveillance cameras, reportedly breaking the mount. There was an arrest warrant for the property owner's brother. Where's the line for unreasonable searches? There are videos of the officers in action at the link.

Submission + - CAPTCHA Using Ad-Based Verification (

mk1004 writes: Yahoo news has an article explaining how the text-based CAPTCHA is giving way to ad-based challenge/response. It's claimed that users are faster at responding to familiar logos, shortening the amount of time they spend proving that they are human.

Submission + - It's Official: Apple is a Religion (

mk1004 writes: From CNET's Chris Matyszczyk we learn that Anthropologist Dr. Kirsten Bell has determined that Apple meets all of the requirements to be a religion. No, that doesn't mean that you can take what you've paid for Apple products as a charitable deduction. Are we wired to try to find spiritual fulfillment anywhere we can?

Submission + - Apple, Google, Samsung, FRAND: What the ITC has to say (

mk1004 writes: Groklaw has an interesting entry showing ITC Judge E. James Gildea's ruling against Apple regarding Samsung's claims for several of its patents. The article notes that the judge ruled that Samsung's price was not a violation of FRAND, that injunctions were permissible at the ITC, and that there was no patent exhaustion.

Interestingly, the judge noted that Apple didn't even try to negotiate a price using the procedures available to it as a member of ETSI, and instead was trying to use the courts as a negotiating tool.


Submission + - Google Announces Pricing for KC area Internet Service (

mk1004 writes: Google revealed pricing for its Gigabit internet service: $70/month. An optional TV service can be added for $50/month. Interestingly, they will also provide a 5Mbps service with no monthly fees and a $300 installation fee. There was no indication of how Google might get revenue from these households opting for the slower service.

Submission + - Senator Grassley Pushes for Tougher H-1B Enforcement (

mk1004 writes: Computerworld says that the industry lobbying group TechNet is calling on Congress to eliminate the per-country cap on H-1B workers. Last year a bill was passed in the house, 389-to-15, to remove the cap. Grassley put a hold on the bill in the Senate, indicating that he would be willing to lift the cap if companies faced an annual audit. The US currently allows 140K H-1B workers, but allows only 7% of those to come from any one country.

Submission + - Two Powerful Spy Space 'Scopes 'Gifted' to NASA (

mk1004 writes: tells us about two spy satellites that have been given to NASA by the National Reconnaissance Office. The NRO won't tell what the intended use of the satellites was. It's pointed out the the satellites are more powerful than the Hubble. The biggest issue is that the satellites will need to be completely refitted and launched at NASA's expense.

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