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Comment Re:Why they are slow? (Score 1) 766

Seriously? You have no idea how fork actually works.

fork() exploits the MMU by marking every page in the parent process as readonly, then sharing these pages with the child process. There is no immediate copying of memory.

Then whenever *either* process attempts to write to any of these pages of memory, the kernel will trap & duplicate the page before allowing the write to occur.

fork() is pretty quick. But you have to be careful to pre-initialise as much immutable state in memory as you can, then keep your mutable state centralised.

fork()-ing a new browser tab from a pre-initialised process may save you a lot of startup time. But if you then go and write small values all over the place, you could easily lose a lot of those gains.

Comment Re:Stop breathing! (Score 1) 559

First, there are plenty of other ways of making cement other than with fly ash (e.g. volcanic ash). Secondly the reason it's called 'fly ash' is because it flies, i.e. escapes with the flue gases, and it's the emission regulations and capture systems which collect the fly ash and make it possible to use in the first place. And third, a lot of fly ash is currently being stored rather than used, as the supply is reduced it will become economical to use those sources.

Comment Re:The president doesn't control the economy (Score 1) 600

Everyone likes to obsess over the government's debts. But it is the debts of private citizens that should be your biggest concern.

During a boom, tax receipts go up and welfare payments go down. So the government debt can be reduced. If you want to blame the government for something, blame them for not saving during recent booms.

Now we are in a slump. Tax receipts will be down, welfare payments up. The government *should* be spending (responsibly...) to cushion the blow, but they actually have little choice in the matter. Austerity policies now would be a huge mistake. Taking money out of circulation, when the flow of money in the economy is already reduced, will just make a bad problem worse.

Comment Re:The answer is no, this is pointless (Score 1) 230

Many IOT devices have some kind of incoming data stream from the internet so that you can control them from your phone. This might be is via some company run cloud service, with questionable security.

For example,

it's a device that infringes my copyright, gives you root access in response to trivial credentials, has access control that depends entirely on nobody ever looking at the packets, is sufficiently poorly implemented that you can crash both it and the bulbs, has a cloud access protocol that has no security whatsoever and also acts as an easy mechanism for people to circumvent your network security

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