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Comment Re: Just another mindless attack (Score 1) 427

The problem is I consider ALL the media news to be propaganda, and don't really believe any of it. I'm even dubious about the things that are agreed upon by both the left an right sides of the political spectrum.

What's ironic is that you learned to distrust 'the media' because of a rhetorical line promulgated in 'the media' against 'the media'. Maybe, just maybe, 'the media' isn't monolithic. Maybe it comprises a huge variety of perspectives and motivations and capabilities. And maybe some sources are more reliable than others.

Maybe... the media sources that spend their time discrediting other media sources are not so credible themselves? Maybe it's complicated.

Pretty fucked up, huh?

Comment Re:Just another mindless attack (Score 1) 427

Read the update at the end, basically makes the entire story bunk.

Here is the update, in its entirety:

Update: White House press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters Monday afternoon that Trump was briefed on North Korea in a sensitive compartmented information facility, or SCIF — a portable, secure area.

So basically, Spicer is saying, "You gonna believe me or your own lying eyes?"

Comment Re:Oh for Pete's Sake! (Score 3) 147

You need to stop pissing other people off.

How do I square that with expecting people to do at least the minimum? Should I just lower my standards so far that I suck their fucking cocks just for showing up at work and giving me bitch face? These people are grade "A" fuckups. And here's the thing, I'm more than willing to help. When the weird-ass prior mail carrier chick's classic Willys broke down, I was the only guy to stop and see if she needed help. I am polite, I smile, I say please and thank you. I do all the same shit that most of these fuckups don't bother to do. I get along great with the one postal employee who actually does her job with grace if not a smile (personally I think smiling is part of a customer service job, but I realize that people have shit days and so I don't care much) but if I rub some of them the wrong way by having some basic standards then that's just going to fucking happen.

I piss people off just by virtue of existing. I'm a gigantic part-Mexican with liberal attitudes who drives a German car in a redneck backwater full of hicks in sticks. And I do not go around telling people how backwards their ideas are, no matter how dumb I think they are. That's not my job and they don't give a shit. I treat people with more respect than they show me, and if they're not satisfied with the level of treatment they're receiving, then they can give a little more or they can fuck right off.

I stop and pick up hitchers, I stop and ask people if they're doing OK and I'll go back and get my tools and come back for them if they need me to. But I also expect people to know how to drive and keep to their side of the road and in general do their fucking job. If that's too high an expectation for you, you know where the door is.

Comment Re:So many word puppets (Score 1) 884

If you want this to be apples to apples, we need to send your employer a packet of everything you've said taken out of context and pressure them to fire you.

I would encourage you to do so. In fact, I would beg you to do so. While you're at it, cc: my mother-in-law, please.

It's so funny that the people who are complaining because people don't get Pewdiepie's "kill all Jews" joke are the same ones who screamed with horror when someone said, "gamers are over".

Comment Re:So many word puppets (Score 1) 884

He literally made a video about how the media would frame someone as a racist and those were examples shown.

Pewdiepie as social commentary. This is why nobody takes you seriously.

We're perfectly aware of how bad optics work, Ratzo, you're not enlightening anyone there. How else could we apply your own standards to your own posts?

You are welcome to pull your sponsorship of my posts.

Comment Re:Oh for Pete's Sake! (Score 2) 147

Working for the USPS is a shit job, it doesn't pay much, you have to piss in a cup and take an exam and wait around for ages to find out if you've got a job so the most desirable people get offered some other job and subsequently take it while the USPS is still trying to figure out where the application is. So they apparently just hire whoever actually takes the time to go through the process and you end up with a bunch of dingleberries. They still don't have anything clever like automatic detection of routing loops built into the system, like every other shipper does. Sadly, they are the cheapest option by far.

It's not just USPS that's gone downhill, either. California Overnight used to be super fantabulous. Now Amazon is using them and it's nothing but complaints. Who knows where they delivered our stuff. We got it refunded and/or replaced (it was several items) so the only problem was a delay, but still. This shit isn't rocket surgery. The number is on the mailbox and there's no other mailbox at this driveway. It's not hard.

I've had no end of problems with the USPS, I think someone there has got it in for me on a minor, low level so they just dick with me. It all started when I requested a hold via the web. I checked the box saying I would come to pick up any accumulated mail, and in the special instructions box I said "OK to deliver letters but please hold all packages". They held everything, which was OK, and then when the hold ended instead of holding the mail for me to come pick it up as requested, they delivered all of it and it got soggy in the rain. After that they decided to hold all of my packages forever and ever amen, whether they were supposed to be held or not. I had to go in and argue with them about it twice to get them to stop.

Now the problem I'm having is that apparently all small packages from China (or which look like they might have come from China) are apparently for me. I order a lot of $1-5 crap from China on eBay, apparently more than anyone else in my post code, because they routinely mix other people's packages in with mine. I just write MISDELIVERED on the back in big fat black magic marker and drop them back in the mailbox. They told me to stop writing on them, but that's bullshit. I'm doing precisely what you're meant to be doing, and they're just trying to hide the fact that they are not giving any fucks.

Comment Re:Chicken breeds preserved for posterity (Score 2) 33

The chickens we buy in supermarkets have been bred to attain maximum weight in the minimum amount of time possible; they have also been bred to have a higher survival rate during transport, and to be more disease resistant. With these genetic alterations, they just taste bland - rather like most tomatoes today, and for much the same reasons.

Are you sure that the difference you're detecting isn't down to what they're eating? Gallena de patio commonly consumes a far more varied diet than a factory-farmed, never-sees-the-sun-but-we-can-still-call-it-cage-free bird.

Comment Re:The Cxx that took my job should pay taxes (Score 2) 345

If you make it expensive to fire people or lay them off (like they do in parts of Europe), then people are very reluctant to hire in the first place...
Companies will then do anything they can to avoid hiring anyone extra to start with...

It's just another reason for UBI. Then you can do away with the minimum wage. It's also a great reason for national health. Then employers don't need to deal with employee contributions, either. And with a graduated tax scheme for corporations as well as individuals, small business can get a break even with a simplified tax code.

Simplify, reduce, streamline. UBI.

Comment Re:Opposite Day (Score 1) 201

Kind of odd considering all Trump is doing is reviving an Obama travel ban - all of the countries Trump had on the ban list were defined under Obama.

I poop on that argument.

What he has said, what the house has said, all we know for sure is the corporate tax rates are coming down. That affects small and medium sized businesses the MOST because we cannot afford a giant team of lawyers to find us tax breaks.

I shit on that argument as well.

FTFY since your wording had no basis in reality for most Americans.

You failed, me laddo.

I'll let you have the last word since I can't spend all day teaching you the simplest basis of American taxes for business.

You'd have to know what you're talking about, first.

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