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Comment Re: Serious stupidity (Score 1) 247

Nuclear isn't a viable alternative. It's incredibly expensive to build and operate. Yes, it is largely emission free, but the other costs surrounding it simply do not make it a large scale alternative, at least not fission. And who knows when we'll ever have fusion reactors that can actually produce economically viable levels of power.

Comment Re:More "trust me" science (Score 1, Interesting) 247

Models have all predicted warming, and there is warming.

But really, I doubt you know fuck all about any of the models. I doubt you know anything about AGW, but go ahead, prove me wrong. Describe, in terms that those who actually do research in climatology would use, and with snarky references to Al Gore or "lefties", what exactly AGW theory states, and why exactly the theory makes those specific set of claims. I openly challenge you to demonstrate you know anything about the science you're attacking.

Comment Re:Steve Case is high. (Score 1) 35

And then his three examples are Sweetgreen, Framebridge, and OrderUp, which are all within one hour driving distance of each other in the DC/Baltimore metroplex.

DC has long been a tech startup area (AOL, UUNET, DIGEX, Ciena, Living Social, etc.), and I know several people who got VC funding for their startups there. New Enterprise Associates (NEA) has been very active in DC, for example.

However I think that the LEVEL and STUPIDITY of VC funding in DC is very different than the SF Bay Area - less money, and less blatantly stupid start-ups get funded in DC.

Comment Re:Just because you can doesn't mean you should (Score 1) 84

So let's get this straight. You have databases that optimize SQL queries because of the narrow scope of that language, and somehow you think throwing in random code blocks in some other language where optimization for the data set is just about impossible and you don't think you're going to get serious performance hits?

There are certainly times when stored procedures may be necessary, but I've made it my policy to avoid them wherever possible. Using convenience as an argument for overriding a pretty sound programming philosophy sounds like a recipe for shit performance.

Comment The actual data (Score 1) 215

"We estimated the 10-year risk of both incident stroke and dementia beginning from the 7th examination cycle [of the Framingham Heart Study] (1998â"2001)."

It should be noted that during the study saccharin, acesulfame-K (Sunett/Sweet One), and aspartame (NutraSweet) were FDA approved, whereas sucralose (Splenda) was approved in 1999, neotame in 2002, and stevia in 2008. So who knows, maybe those sweeteners are not linked to stroke & dementia.

"When comparing daily cumulative intake to 0 per week (reference), the hazard ratios were 2.96 (95% confidence interval, 1.26â"6.97) for ischemic stroke and 2.89 (95% confidence interval, 1.18â"7.07) for Alzheimerâ(TM)s disease. Sugar-sweetened beverages were not associated with stroke or dementia."

That is some serious risk increase!

Comment Best use for LinkedIn (Score 1) 70

I like LinkedIn, especially because it is a great way to create ad-hoc industry forums for sharing news on developing niche technologies.

But its main use for me is allowing me to figure out which company the salespeople I know are working at this week. Before I email a salesperson who I talked with six months ago, I check their LinkedIn to see if they still work at that company.

Comment Re: Louisiana is one big sinkhole (Score 1) 305

Why don't we deal with what scientists, rather than you going off on tangents about "alarmists" and seeming to accept the inevitability that which we could change. It's almost as if you don't actually want to deal with the science or the repercussions of human activities, but would rather play some pointless rhetorical game. I'll state right here that I don't give a fuck what Al Gore or Greenpeace says. They are not sources of information I go to, so throwing out what they say (or what you claim they say, since I don't recall any report that Al Gore said all the coast lines would be underwater by 2017) doesn't mean fuck all to me.

Yes, things change. Eventually the house you're living in will fall down. So I guess it's okay if I come and light in on fire, right?

Comment Re:Microsoft Has An Odd Obsession With The Cloud.. (Score 1) 68

What I don't get is why Google doesn't bring more of its apps to Windows. While I realize Chrome is a platform for Google apps, I'd love to have a Windows version of the actual GMail app for my Windows tablet, rather than the pretty shitty built-in Windows Mail app.

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