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Comment Re:Contracts? (Score 1) 421

contract would have been "Unlimited" in data use but as far as duration they would only have had a minimum term, likely followed by monthly extensions. They are likely free to terminate ALL the Unlimited users if they wanted at this point but are choosing to only terminate those that they are losing significant money on. Seems like they are trying to be as customer focused as the economics allow them to be.

Comment Re:Unlimited. You keep using that word. (Score 0) 421

This isn't about "Unlimited". This is about a company that used to offer a particular contract structure no longer wishing to offer such structure as it is not commercially viable. The "unlimited" contracts have not been available to new customers for some time. The nearest (UK-centric) equivalent I can think of outside of telecoms would be in up to the 80s dairies used to do widespread daily morning door step deliveries of milk, however due to a number of factors (bigger car ownership, better refrigeration, more supermarkets selling milk cheaper, to name a few) the demand for doorstep deliveries dropped significantly, the areas that they offered the delivery rapidly shrunk and then understandably they stopped entirely as they were losing money. Forcing Verizon to continue to service these un-viable contracts would be like forcing the dairies to keep delivering milk to the 5 people that still wanted it no matter if it cost them £100s per delivery.

Comment Re:How? (Score 1) 346

Actually it probably is... European trade rules prevent a company from "constructing" a limited market or artificially inflating prices for their goods through restrictive contracts to resellers or other like parties. Basically they have the choice of selling to the resellers or not. They aren't allowed to put restrictions (other than in some specific cases territory limits) on how the resellers sell the products or enforce minimum pricing for those products. I suspect that they need their resellers more than they know/realise and certainly more then the resellers need them (there are a dozen other brands they could be selling instead) and will back down fairly quickly when it starts impacting their bottom line.

Comment Re:Idiots with their heads up their ass (Score 1) 167

The real reason as usual is money... This is the same group of companies that directly or indirectly runs 90% of PPV and PPN (mostly very soft) porn channels on TV in the UK (on their satellite platform as well as the "competing" cable and terrestrial TV channels). Their revenue has dropped so much due to the internet making better quality free and pay porn available that they are willing to do all sorts to try and prop up a failing business model.

Comment Re:What next? (Score 3, Informative) 147

IANAL but given my understanding of DMCA provisions:

Most likely the chain of events is actually...
1) Activision file DMCA with Steam
2) Steam take game down
3) TREK Industries file counter claim with Steam
4) Steam under DMCA rules have done their part with the initial takedown and respect the counter claim and restore content.

Next step is Activision have to file full court proceedings which will take a little time. Of course TREK have set themselves up for full on collapse if their counter claim is proven to be invalid or fraudulent but given the junk status their game already had I suspect its a cut and run situation for them. That is if Activision feel that the additional legal costs are worthwhile.

Comment Re:This isn't the first time they have been accuse (Score 1) 147

TBH the Orion studio don't seem to value their game much...

Normal price: £0.79
Sale discount: 51%
Current price: £0.39

If a game is only worth 39p and has predominantly negative reviews this is noting more than attention grabbing in a vein hope for a few more sales before they totally abandon it.

Comment Re:"Artistic similarity"? (Score 3, Informative) 147

Ignore the textures which are mostly from the Unreal Engine base assets on the Orion guns.
The Orion guns are made up of the same base components as the Activation guns but mixed/matched and are vertex for vertex copies. For instance Barrel from A and stock and sight from B. There are plenty of better comparisons with screenshot examples on the Steam blog/article's comments.

Comment Re: PayPal does something for their 'vendors'? (Score 1) 194

Not in all cases. For instance if your credit card company/bank determine that you were at fault (ie. you willingly gave your card and details to the fraudsters and you could have determined that they were fraudulent with some checks) or fail to notify them soon enough of you being aware and if they can't recover the money for whatever reason they can still hold you liable for it. Also small transaction amounts are often not covered depending on the situation.

While the credit card companies do have more rules than paypal themselves they still have a lot of leeway to take your money.

Comment Re:Well known fact; (Score 1) 194

This... and if they went after the guy for making false clams, or convinced the authorities to go after him for Fraud then they would be redeemed. All they really did was block what should be classed as a criminal act of Fraud and reading the info online, paypal rejecting his refund request wasn't that big of a deal for him. For a $50k attempted fraud he should be going to jail. If he had tried something similar at an actual bank he would be.

Payment reversals are a big deal for Twitch streamers, not only do they lose the money involved, after its likely been spent, they usually still incur paypal fees for both the initial payment and for the reversal, and are left, sometimes significantly, out of pocket.

(not a streamer but frequent Twitch watcher)

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