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Comment Re:remotely disabled? (Score 0) 210

I think what they mean is that after the jailbreak a program runs just on that first boot to install third-party software like Cydia. It has to download it from somewhere so by "remote" they mean they disabled the URL or they removed the URL from a list stored on some server which the program uses.

Oh, I almost forgot they can read your kinky e-mails too.

Comment Re:A Simple Solution - (Score 1) 134

Here's a thought.

Say this guy invents some weird stuff made from calcium salts, petroleum jelly and aliphatic acids that you mold or whatever and you can make stuff with it. There is only one method this substance can be obtained and he patents it. All good until now.

Then there's this other guy who knows the ingredients (everyone knows the ingredients because they're easy to find out) and he knows the method but he can't sell the product because there's only one way to make the product and it's patented. But he has a brilliant idea: why not sell the people a device with a slot for each ingredient which then mixes the ingredients and applies patented method to obtain product. Better yet, he sells a customer some plastic to use in his 3d printer, an arduino and some motors to connect the printed parts to and he also sells the ingredient (which could very well be calcium salts, petroleum jelly and some aliphatic acids, stearic maybe??).

How can you argue that he is infringing on the patent if he only sells some plastic, an arduino board which you could program later with some software you download from this guy's website, and some "random" chemicals?

Comment easy fix for fps averages (Score 0) 108

To get a better idea of how smooth the experience is just add two more values:
- average of positive values of first derivative - this will show how fast framerates go high
- average of negative values of first derivative - this will show how fast framerates drop when they drop.

When they intersect 0 on the Y-axis you have some key moments to look at and see what could have caused a spike or a drop.
Also if both these averages are high (for +) or low (for -) then gameplay is not smooth. If they are close to 0 (changes are very small) then gameplay is smooth.
If avg+ - avg- is not close to 0 then framerates went mostly up (>0) or mostly down (<0) and there is another problem to look at.

So there. That's why you should study some basic calculus

Comment Re:Unauthorized export resale? (Score 0) 936

Touching her ... now that's physical violence and you don't want that.

However I think all this mess could have been avoided if the Apple store guys (geniuses?) would have used this popular online translation tool from these guys that also run a popular search engine. Or maybe they used their own (iTranslate anyone?) and we all know what iApps can do: get people killed in the middle of nowhere by fooling them into thinking it's a city and now get people tasered.

(not anti-apple, I own several devices from them but still ...)

Comment slack ftw (Score 0) 867

I glanced at most of the comments and noticed a sort of pattern: a lot of you guys started (or at least remember to be first) with slackware. short version: slackware ('98) => ubuntu 6 ('06) => gentoo ('07) => mac (boooooooooooooo, not linux, or is it?). I started with Slackware 3.4 in 98 (I was 10 yo then) found on CD from a magazine (I don't remember the name, pcworld or smth).

Back then I owned this crappy cyrix 5x86 75mhz with 16mb ram and 240mb hdd. Very soon I upgraded to more modern hardware though (mmx and stuff). I managed to get it to run and was so amazed how fast it is compared to windows 98. I used that piece of crap (the computer that is) until 2005 and learned php on a lamp stack (I remember using apache 1.2.22 until 2005, mysql 3.2 and then 4.4 or something like that, php 3 then php 4.3 as they became available).

I remember Slackware didn't make it easy to install packages. I had to hunt dependencies and manually install (compile actually) everything. Whatever didn't kiss I patched (tvtuner kernel modules were the worst :)) ). Never commited anything though because my patches were ugly and their purpose was to build on my system and nothing more.
In 2006 tried Ubuntu and loved aptitude. However in 2007 I met Gentoo at work and loved it even more because I could tweak everything compile related and have all the dependencies fetched, compiled and installed for me. I was in awe.

Sure I could have met Gentoo earlier, I could have used Fedora earlier and go all yum yum but all the experience I got using Slackware would be in an alternate universe.

What I can give is this: It doesn't matter what distro you start with. It matters A LOT if you really dig into it and try all you can to understand it's purpose. If it has a package manager, try not using it once and do everything by hand. This experiment will reveal so much about the distro and those similar to the one you're using you will not believe how well you understand everything after. Play with kernel parameters a lot. Break GRUB (or GRUB2) and fix it. Play with xorg.conf if you have the chance. You can't do this in one day, or one week. It will take a lot of time but eventually you will feel that whatever distro you're using everything is easy to understand, easy to use, easy to own.

Comment Re:Incidentally... (Score 0) 75

let's agree to disagree a little. Earth orbits the Sun .. pretty fast to cover 360 degrees in 365 days. Sun dies .. it loses mass (lots of it) because it burns it and radiates it away. Less mass means less gravity. Why doesn't anybody take into consideration the centripetal force acting on Earth (and everything else that orbits around the Sun)? My guess is that as the Sun's gravity weakens the Earth will be allowed to further away from the Sun. I'm sorry but I don't see this engulf scenario happening at all. A more likely scenario: Sun is weak. Jupiter compresses a lot because it cools too much. Jupiter's mass is still enormous but now compared to it's size it allows other planets to come closer. It will not further that much away from the sun because big mass means big .. really big inertia. Earth however will be sort of slingshot eventually and it will either be catched by Jupiter (direct hit or very very very lucky but way too long shot catched in orbit as Jupiter's moon) or it will rocket towards empty space and maybe somewhere an advanced civilisation will discover our history. Enjoy your week-end and let the next millionth generation worry about the Sun engulfing the Earth ...

Comment oh come on (Score 1) 163

What the **** is going on in this ***** up 21st century of yours(ours). So .. I grew up watching roadrunner and tom&jerry. Went through highschool wasting 4nights/week playing nothing but counter-strike for 10 hours straight. Moved from servers in europe to servers in us then in asia as time past and people went to sleep. Played every GTA under the sun. Now i'm in my twenties and I don't rob stores, don't beat up people on the street or get them out of their cars to steal it, I keep the door open for a lady no matter the age or looks because I'm polite, and I work as a programmer and help my parents with groceries and the house and stuff. **** it .. I think I'm a decent person. These days you can't watch tom&jerry or roadrunner because there's just too much violence and .. think of the children. Really? Well you grew up just fine and I don't see any reminiscence from watching tom&jerry in you. Just do your job and raise them properly and they'll pick up the rest...

Comment hmm (Score 0) 226

TMC(too many comments);DR I think it's just like a context sensitive storage service. If I build a service that allows users to upload pdfs and (for usage sake) I provide a way to view these files online anywhere they have an internet connection via .. i dunno .. pdf.js maybe does that mean I have to get a license from ebook publishers because my service allows users to upload ebooks (which they may have bought god knows from where) and read them online? That's my POV.

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