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Comment Re:quality, security? (Score 1) 32

If I can assay a guess, being a Deb user, I would say that that was probably for a version based on 1.6, or even God forbid, 1.7. 1.8 brought things along nicely, and 1.9 is very solid. It's like all php based apps, though: there are probably ways into it. Php-based apps on Debian do tend to be older, and so I almost always have to install and maintain them out of the main debian process.

Comment Re:Yawn (Score 1) 252

Years ago, I was a military brat there. One day, everybody spent all day waiting for the MX missile test launch. It was going to happen just after 7. Everybody knew this, even though it was a highly 'secret' event. (They also used to send the MP's around telling everybody to go indoors when there were other 'secret' launches.)7
It wasn't like the Soviets hadn't been informed there was a launch, anyway.

Speaking of, the runway wasn't *built* for the shuttle, it was extended. They used it to land c-5a's and such before.

Comment Re:We just need those little mouth shields... (Score 1) 203

I don't recall there being the mouth shield before. It might have been there. It probably was, and I just wasn't thinking of applications for cubicle-worker dictation then.

Regardless, you couldn't hear her speaking into it, and she was definitely recording events. When the judge would ask if anybody knew the defendant, and none of the jurors responded, she was entering that fact; or at least, you could see that she was saying something.

This was a city-level court in Georgia, dealing with low-level criminal and civil cases.

Comment Re:We just need those little mouth shields... (Score 1) 203

I have no idea if they're transcribing as you say; you're probably right. I do know that a) they were recording with a pc there and b) she was using the mouth-hood to record when people nodded, etc. They have this big ol' MOTU firewire box to take input from all the microphones. I didn't actually get a chance to see the software.

10 years ago, they used digital tape in this same courtroom. 20 years ago, they had a steno machine.

Comment User education. (Score 1) 336

User education. It won't go away, you always need to do it, and for most users, you have to do it multiple times. Proximity systems may help, but...

For the record, on a winders machine, window-L. Two keystrokes, you're done. Well, mostly, but that'll keep most people out.

Comment Re:Where are they going to store it all? (Score 1) 186

Well, yeah. But it's still got to take a lot of infrastructure that really sounds beyond their capabilities. Let's say:
16 tb drives, 1 eb= 62,500 drives.
Let's say 2 weeks of storage; 875,000.
Let's say 200 per. Let's say $100 extra per for the racks, cases, controllers.
$262,000,000 just for the storage.

I dunno, 1.5billion euros, with first usage in 2013 and full capabilities and usage in 2022; maybe they'll make it with that budget if they speak to somebody who already does lots of computation and storage, say: the Big G.

Comment Where are they going to store it all? (Score 1) 186

Okay, if I do some rough math, just on the hard drives to dump that to
assuming 2tb drives, and ignoring the binary/decimal nonsense to be quick
assuming that the 1eb per day is correct and not the .25eb/day of wiki
assuming that 2tb costs $100 (volume discount, you know)
assuming no costs for things to hold these drives, and electricity, etc.

180 million drives. 18 billion dollars. Per year.

Let's assume by 2013 we've gone eightfold, to 16tb drives. Good, now we're at 2million ish drives and 2billionish dollars. Good

I realize they're planning for it all, but I just can't see how they're really going to store, let alone process, all that data. Whew.

I mean, they'd max out a btrfs/zfs system in 16 daysish at 1eb per. Perhaps this is just simply too much data...

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