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Comment Praise the tyrants? (Score -1) 224

First the government monopolizes the market, makes it virtually "illegal" for private companies to do anything related to space. Decades later it reduces the business risk from prohibitive to barely manageable (protracted and expensive licensing and compliance with its requirements, instead of total prohibition as before). Now we are supposed to thank it for occasionally helping those who dare to operate in this hostile environment it created? What a perverse world we live in.

Comment Try doing what government does - go to jail (Score -1) 238

"Law enforcement and the agencies that build their plate scanners have argued in favor of the legality of such data collection, so it's not like they can suddenly start cracking down on private citizens doing the same." ~~~ Nonsense. Government does not like competition. Try to do something "legal" that it does and see how it will tolerate it. E.g. try "taxing" people.

Comment Good riddance (Score -1) 169

"Full-time employment" is socialist nonsense. De facto there are no "employees", we all provide services to each other. Essentially, at some point the "social engineers" as part of their perpetual crusade of redesigning society decided that it is good idea (for them - because it is e.g. easier to quantify and exercise control) to standardize relationships between individual service providers and service consumers. Just look at this nonsense around Uber going on lately: government agents insist that they get to decide how to classify their drivers, as contractors or as "employees." Absurd.

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