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Comment Maybe a slight modification to your strategy... (Score 1) 325

Like you, I've had reasonable performance from Clevo/Sager for software development. One thing I would possibly look for: Get the _heaviest_ laptop you can find with them. Those typically have much more aggressive cooling systems than the lighter models. Case in point: Sager 9377s at XoticPC. If you go to the gallery and locate the view of the bottom of the laptop, you'll notice multiple intakes with extensive venting out the back. XoticPC in particular can do a copper cooling upgrade which might be worthwhile to evaluate. (Haven't tried it personally)

I'm mentioning XoticPC in particular because I've gotten 3 or 4 laptops through them and have been happy. They're pretty slow to ship for custom options (they don't keep a ton of custom parts in inventory), but I've been happy with the customized product.

Laptops will always be a bit of a problem due to small packaging/weight requirements, but perhaps these tweaks can help get you there.

Submission + - Sony selling off VAIO computer business ( 1

Kensai7 writes: Confirming reports from earlier in the week, Sony has announced plans to sell off its VAIO computer division to a Japanese investment fund. Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) will take control of the operation for an undisclosed fee, and Sony will "cease planning, design and development of PC products." For a variety of reasons "including the drastic changes in the global PC industry," Sony says "the optimal solution is to concentrate its mobile product lineup on smartphones and tablets and to transfer its PC business to a new company."

Submission + - ReactOS 0.3.16 has been released ( 1

jeditobe writes: The ReactOS Project is pleased to announce the release of version 0.3.16. A little under a year has passed since the previous release and a significant amount of progress has been made. Some of the most significant include completion of the CSRSS rewrite and the first stages of a shell32 rewrite. 0.3.16 is in many ways a prelude to several new features that will provide a noticeable enhancement to user visible functionality. A preview can be seen in the form of theme support, which while disabled by default can be turned on to demonstrate the Lautus theme developed by community member Maciej Janiszewki. Another user visible change is a new network card driver for the RTL8139, allowing ReactOS to support newer versions of QEMU out of the box. Release images can be found in the usual spot here.

And for those of you that have not heard of it yet, the project is running a Kickstarter campaign in the form of the Thorium Cloud Desktop. If you want to help the project raise the funds to hire multiple full time developers and bring ReactOS to a state where it can be used for day to day activities, then please spread the word and put up a few bucks to back us.

Submission + - Induction stove not compatible with Iphone

dovgr writes: There is a story in the Swedish news paper Dagens Nyheter, Google translation at , telling the story of a woman who bought an induction stove, that caused a noise in her phone whenever using the phone. When complaining to stove service company, she was told that the stove is only compatible with Samsung, and recommended her to switch phones.

Submission + - Why Don't Open Source Databases Use GPUs? ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: A recent paper from Georgia Tech describes a system than can run the complete TPC-H benchmark suite on an NVIDIA Titan card, at a 7x speedup over a commercial database running on a 32-core Amazon EC2 node, and a 68x speedup over a single core Xeon. A previous story described an MIT project that achieved similar speedups.

There has been a steady trickle of work on GPU-accelerated database systems for several years, but it doesn't seem like any code has made it into Open Source databases like MonetDB, MySQL, CouchDB, etc. Why not? Many queries that I write are simpler than TPC-H, so what's holding them back?

Submission + - Samsung Galaxy S4 Security Vulnurability (

olsmeister writes: The Samsung KNOX enterprise security system (presumably a play on Ft Knox, the location of the United States Bullion Depository) contains a security vulnurability that could put both personal and business data at risk. This is according to a discovery by a Ph.D. student at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Israel. This is the security system used in Samsung's flagship Galaxy S4 phone, which Samsung hopes will allow it to compete with BlackBerry in government and enterprise applications. The flaw could allow attackers to access secure data, as well as load malicious applications.

Submission + - Nest Learning Thermostat And The Peril Of Automated Software Updates

rjmarvin writes: The Nest Learning Thermostat is a very clever, albeit expensive device. Hook it up to your furnace or air conditioner, and not only does it learn what temperatures you like, but it also connects to your home or office WiFi network. That lets you monitor and control it remotely from a browser or mobile device. If you have multiple Nest devices, they will talk to each other. What the Nest definitely can do, however, is fail if the company pushes out a buggy software update, which happened in late November. The Nest 4.0 firmware apparently caused some number of Nest devices to go offline, leaving folks without heating or cooling.

Submission + - Fedora 20 released (

sfcrazy writes: The Fedora Project has announced the release of Fedora 20, code named Heisenbug. Fedora 20 is dedicated to Seth Vidal the lead developer of Yum and the Fedora update repository who recently died in a road accident. Gnome is the default DE of Fedora, and so it is for Fedora 20. However unlike Ubuntu (where they had to create different distros for each DE) Fedora comes with KDE, XFCE, LXDE and MATE. You can install the DE of your choice on top of base Fedora.

Submission + - Civet poop coffee may be threatening wildlife (

Damien1972 writes: Popularization of the world's strangest coffee may be imperiling a a suite of small mammals in Indonesia, according to a new study in Small Carnivore Conservation. The coffee, known as kopi luwak (kopi for coffee and luwak for the civet), is made from whole coffee beans that have passed through the gut of the animal. The coffee is apparently noted for its distinct taste, though some have argued it is little more than novelty. Now, this burgeoning kopi luwak industry is creating "civet farms," whereby civets are captured from the wild and kept in cages to eat and crap out coffee beans.

Submission + - Amazon Patents Strange New Lightweight, Transparent Kindle

destinyland writes: Amazon's just filed a patent about a lightweight, transparent Kindle technology that can also be embedded in your eyeglasses or your car windshield — and which never needs to be recharged. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is listed on the patent as a co-inventor of the technology, which converts the handheld Kindle devices into simplified display mechanisms receiving data and electricity from a larger, more powerful central station. This would allow Amazon to create much lighter and cheaper devices, notes one Kindle blog, speculating that Kindles could become not just lighter than paper, but disappearing altogether into other devices, "leaving nothing behind but the words from your ebooks."

Submission + - Opera Confirms It Will Follow Google And Ditch WebKit For Blink

An anonymous reader writes: Google on Wednesday made a huge announcement to fork WebKit and build a new rendering engine called Blink. Opera, which only recently decided to replace its own Presto rendering engine for WebKit, has confirmed with TNW that it will be following suit. "When we announced the move away from Presto, we announced that we are going with the Chromium package, and the forking and name change have little practical influence on the Opera browsers. So yes, your understanding is correct," an Opera spokesperson told TNW. This will affect both desktop and mobile versions of Opera the spokesperson further confirmed.

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