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Submission + - Tony Benn, MP has died (

mikael writes: The famous Labour MP, Tony Benn ( has died at the age of 88. In his career which included Minister of Technology, he was responsible for the creation of ICL (International Computers Limited) and involvement in Concorde

Submission + - Flu Pandemic may lead to websites being blocked (

mikael writes: While corporations and businesses have been advised on how to allow employees to work remotely from home, there is still some uncertainty on how ISP's would be able to handle the extra flow of traffic. The Department of Homeland Security is suggesting that ISP's be prepared to block popular websites in order to prioritize bandwidth for commercial use.

Submission + - Scientists discover how DNA is folded within the n (

mikael writes: is reporting that scientists have discovered how DNA is folded within the nucleus of a cell such that active genes remain accessible without becoming tangled. The first observation is that genes are actually stored in two locations. The first location acts as a cache where all active genes are kept. The second location is a more denser storage area where inactive genes are kept. The second observation is that all genes are stored as ">fractal globules which allows genes that are used together to be adjacent to each other when folded, even though they may be far apart when unfolded.

Submission + - Volunteers recover Lunar Orbiter 1 photographs

mikael writes: The LA Times is reporting on efforts of group of volunteers with funding from NASA to recover high resolution photographs of the Moon taken by Lunar Orbiter 1 in the 1960's. The collection of 2000 images is stored entirely on magnetic tape which can only be read by a $330,000 FR-900 Ampex magnetic tape reader. The team consisted of Nancy Evans, NASA's archivist who ensured that the 20-foot by 10-foot x 6-foot collection of magnetic tapes were never thrown out, Dennis Wingo, Keith Cowing of Nasa Watch and Ken Zim who had experience of repairing video equipment. Two weeks ago, the second image, of the Copernicus Crater was recovered.

Submission + - Cities plan to replace street lights with LED's

mikael writes: The Pasadena Star News is reporting that a couple of cities including Pasadena and Los Angeles are planning on replacing sodium based street lighting with LED's. The new bulbs use between 40 percent and 60 percent energy and last four times as long. Los Angeles plans on replacing 14,000 street lights with LED's, while Pasadena aims to spend $528,000 to achieve this goal.

Submission + - Microsoft doubles reward for missing teenager

mikael writes: The Toronto Star is reporting that Microsoft has doubled the reward for information about a missing teenager to $50,000. Brandon Crisp went missing since Thanksgiving Day after a dispute over a video game. Over 400 volunteers are helping in the search.

Submission + - London seeks own internet domain

mikael writes: The Times is reporting that along with Wales and Scotland, London is seeking their own three letter domain (.ldn) in advance of the Olympic games in 2012. Could we see the start of every city getting their own domain?

Submission + - National Library of Belarus

mikael writes: In June 2002, the president of Belarus commissioned the construction of a new national library, which was completed June this year. Constructed in the shape of a spherical diamond and covered by reflective glass and chrome, it has gained the nickname of the "Death Star". Another feature of this building is that it is completely covered by colored lights on every side, which allows for some amazing animations. Perhaps they should offer programming competitions for the best animation. EnglishRussia has some photographs of the building in Summer and Winter, along with a timelapse video. Although, some residents would have preferred the money spent on a shopping mall rather than a national library.

Submission + - Nikko introduces R2-D2 entertainment droid

mikael writes: The register is reporting that a Japanese company Nikko is producing an integrated projector, DVD player, iPod connection, and media card reader, all combined into the shape of an R2-D2 robot. imedia/ No mention if they are going to provide a C3PIO unit to serve cold drinks and popcorn.

Submission + - Teacher faces 40 years in jail due to popup ads

mikael writes: The Times is reporting that a teacher faces up to 40 years in jail for exposing children to online pornography.. The images appeared while she was out of the classroom. Also, the comments in the article suggest that UNIX and Linux users are responsible for 99% of the malware and viruses that plague windows systems.

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