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Comment Re: MS beat Google to it! (Score 2) 35

Even the greybeards in my office don't want to use Windows 10 - they don't trust why Microsoft is do determined and hell-bent on getting Windows 10 on every computer system and then install updates willy-nilly along with calling home all the time. Now, there is this incredible pressure to have everything integrated into a network based system accessible from a smartphone or tablet. Even the little gadgets that cyclists or hanglglider pilots use. Everything can be recorded, saved, logged and played back.

Visual Studio is still used for console game development (PS4 and XBox). But that was VS 2012. I've used all the different versions and it is "mutating". It used to be a simple code and compile environment like Turbo C++. Now, there is all the enterprise level code development, cross-compilation. There were always options to use third party compilers, so it has become more of a framework GUI than a compiler.

Comment Re:MS beat Google to it! (Score 1) 35

Companies like Sun, Google, Facebook wanted to get people off the desktop because it helped Microsoft and Linux. Get everyone onto smartphones, that helps push Java, kills off the desktop (X-windows/Windows along with C++ development and those horrible pointers), Once applications are on the browser, they are cross-platform on everything.

Now, Microsoft wants to push a development environment that allows cross-platform applications development (Xamarin) using the desktop. That's their way of fighting back.

Comment Re:Huh.... (Score 1) 121

There is the H-R diagram - it's a graph of luminosity vs. temperature in Kelvin

A white dwarf is anywhere between 1/10,000th the size of our Sun and the size of the Sun. It can also be the same temperature or five times hotter.

Astronomers do look at the electromagnetic spectrum of the star, but only certain elements show up at different temperatures:

Oxygen only shows up at 7000K and below 3000K

Comment Re:Restaurants (Score 2) 940

Spaghetti and all types of pasta - manufactured by machines, pasta gets squeezed through various shaped nozzles and turned into shapes. Bolognaise - made from mince which in turn is made from meat that has been automatically sliced up. Other items are canned automatically. Ordering of cooking ingredients used by the kitchen is done through electronic systems. The payment of meals is done automatically through the banking system. Some restaurants have the wireless credit card readers. Ordering of meals can be done electronically or through a waiter/waitress.

But the sheer number of combinations of meals, ingredients, spices, proportions of ingredients, cooking times, placement on a plate is so large that no one chef can know them all. So they have job security.

Comment Re:Zombie (Score 5, Insightful) 233

I've seen it happen a lot on servers. It usually happens because the process is already suspended while waiting for a resource to be freed. Like trying to get an exclusive lock on a network shared file after the connection is lost. As it is waiting for a response from the network, it's put in a suspended state. But since there is no connection, there's never going to be a reply. So it just waits and waits.

Sending a kill signal might nudge it closer to the afterlife and get local resource freed, but when remote resources on network servers are tried to be released, it locks up.

Comment Re:Well that's awesome but... (Score 1) 157

They only just started being adopted for computer monitors in 2005/2006. We still had some CRT monitors in our lab at that time. The replacements were LCD flatscreens with 4:3 aspect ratio. Then those were replaced with screens that could do colorimetric accurate displays or cinematic screens with the 16:9 aspect ratio. That was the time where people were getting pissed that they couldn't use the whole screen of their TV/laptop/notebook to display a movie without getting dark areas or losing bits of the picture. So TV's moved to cinematic resolution, that forced the manufacturers to change their processes, and that affected laptop manufacturing as well.

Comment Re:or (Score 1) 281

They are there to get ideas and inspiration from each other. Very much like all the Blender tutorials out there. Many Blender artists find work doing architectural modeling for architects. They can convert blueprints into photorealistic images. To do that, they need to learn things like how to model vegetation, metal and fabric surfaces, and wrinkles to textures, model complex objects with lots of curves. The best way to learn is from an expert.

The Arts he talks about are in the fields of building architecture, industrial design and interior design. That involves being able to design buildings where everything is laid out ergonomically, designing household appliances or electronics that are easy to use.

Comment Re:Air gapped (Score 1) 83

How else can you load and install third-party applications? Maybe you are an animation artist trying to do that ultimate animation for your demo reel. Then you need to install applications like 3DMax, Photoshop, ZBrush, Softimage. Sometime manuals or tutorials only come in HTML format. So you need a web browser to read them.

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