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Comment Re:Viagara is an indicator for CAD (Score 1) 363

Wrong, or incomplete. One typical reason for erectile dsyfunction (ED) is treatment for prostate cancer, which damages the nerves that control erections. In this case, you can have zero CAD but still need the viagra. Without the viagra, men will not get the nightly erections that are necessary for prevention of scarring and damage to penile tissue.

Comment Re:Great, still doesn't fix the Houston problem. (Score 1) 494

"When bikers pay into the highway system, then they can have bike lanes". You sir, are a moron. Just because you see me occasionally riding a bike doesn't mean that I do not also own a car and pay taxes. But even if I did not own a car, your argument is specious, since most roads are constructed with general taxation revenue, not gasoline taxes or licence-plate fees. In short, the general population is subsidizing the use of single-occupant motor vehicles. Motorists should in fact be promoting the construction of bicycle infrastructure. A car takes up 10 times the room of a bike, so construction of a route to transport, say, 1000 bicycles a day, should cost only a small fraction of what it costs to transport 1000 cars a day. And further, every time you turn a motorist into a cyclist, you are freeing up space on the road for yourself and your unsustainable car.

Submission + - Google Chrome browser has no security 1

midtoad writes: With all the talk of Chinese hackers breaking into companies through IE's insecure browser, I decided to take a closer look at my use of Google Chrome. What I discovered is that this house doesn't just have an unlocked front door — the door has actually been ripped off its hinges and thrown out on the front lawn, inviting looters to enter at will. Here's the situation:

If you allow Chrome to save your passwords, they are viewable in clear text by anyone with access to your computer (e.g. your so-called friend sitting in the next cubicle, when you step away for a minute). Just click on Google's wrench icon, then go to Options > Personal Stuff > Passwords and click on Show Saved Passwords. Select one of the sites for which you've saved a password, and then click on Show Password. Voilà, there is your password in clear text. There is no security!

Firefox is configured the same way by default, but comes with the ability to set a master password which is required in order to view these passwords. And the maligned IE8 doesn't seem to have a way to even view the stored passwords; the same applied to Safari 4 on Windows and Opera 10 on Windows.

What is your opinion? Is Chrome as painfully insecure as it appears? What steps can be taken (apart from never saving passwords) to make Chrome less insecure?

Comment Retarded (Score 1) 849

What is really retarded is that Microsoft requires you to type a 26-character WEP key TWICE when connecting to a secured wireless network? Why the F%^&* should you have to confirm that key? You are not setting a new key, just entering one that already exists.

Ubuntu has it right - in most places where you have to enter a password, you can optionally unmask the characters.


Submission + - T-Mobile, Samsung Phones to Adopt Android OS

nandemoari writes: T-Mobile is planning to use Google's open source operating system "Android" on devices that blur the line between cellphone and home PC. In addition, Samsung says they will also produce Android phones, but need to work out the kinks, first. Both announcements come shortly after HP revealed that it is investigating the idea of using Android to power some of its low-cost netbook computers in place of Windows.

Submission + - Human Eyes Speak Volumes to Birds (

GrrlScientist writes: "Those of you who go birding will know what I am talking about when I say that birds are so capable of reading human body language that they know when we are looking at them, which frequently causes them to hide from our gaze. However, this capacity has never before been scientifically studied in birds, until now, that is. A newly published paper has found that Eurasian jackdaws, a member of the crow family, are so socially sophisticated that they are better at interpreting human eye gaze and body language than are dogs or even our closest relatives, chimpanzees."

Comment Consider 9/72 instead (Score 0) 1055

Depending on what country you work in, your marginal tax rate may be close to 50%. That is, for each additional dollar you earn, you pay $0.50 more taxes. On the side of the coin, if you earn a dollar less, you pay $0.50 less in taxes. So, if you work 9 days out of ten (without working an extra hour a day for 8 of them), you will earn just 5% less after-tax income, but have 10% more free time.

Nominally, a 0.9 schedule only gives you 2 days off per month, but many months there's a stat holiday, and if you're in the oil-patch you might get a floater day per month as well, so in practice your 0.9 schedule is actually a 4-day work week.

If more employees were to ask for 0.9 schedules, there'd be fewer layoffs!

Portables (Apple)

In-Depth Review of the MacBook Air With Photos 244

Engadget has the first really in-depth review of the MacBook Air that I have seen with plenty of great photos and specifics. They do a great job of highlighting the highs and the lows with plenty of concrete examples to back their claims up. It seems that while the MacBook Air is a great step towards ultra-portable computing, overall the pricepoint is just too high. Which is not surprising from a new Apple gadget I guess.

KDE Goes Cross-Platform, Supports Windows and OS X 513

klblastone writes "The KDE desktop environment is going cross-platform with support for the Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. In addition to porting the core KDE libraries and applications, developers are also porting popular KDE-based software like the Amarok audio player and the KOffice productivity suite. New KDE binaries for Windows were released yesterday and are now available from KDE mirrors through an automated installer program. The Mac OS X port is made available via BitTorrent in universal binary format."
The Courts

Submission + - No Bong Hits 4 Jesus After All

BendingSpoons writes: The Supreme Court ruled against a high school student who was suspended after displaying a 14ft banner reading "Bong Hits 4 Jesus." The student, Joseph Frederick, unfurled the banenr as the Olympic torch passed through his hometown of Juneau, Alaska. As a result, principal Deborah Morse suspended him for ten days, stating that banners advocating drug use had no place at a school-sanctioned event. Frederick challenged his suspension in court, arguing that the banner's message was nonsensical and expressed only his right to say whatever he wished. Frederick's lawsuit was supported by various religious groups, who were concerned that a negative outcome would restrict students' rights to religious expression. In the end, the Court upheld the suspension by a 5-4 majority. "The message on Frederick's banner is cryptic," wrote Chief Justice Roberts. "But Principal Morse thought the banner would be interpreted by those viewing it as promoting illegal drug use, and that interpretation is plainly a reasonable one." The case is Morse v. Frederick, 06-278.

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