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Submission + - 'PC Maintenance' Phone Call a Scam ( 1

nandemoari writes: An elderly woman I know got hit with the 'phone call from Microsoft' scam. The scammers claimed that her computer was "infected" and they tried to take $350 from her paypal account. She called the Police and Crime Stoppers and they were able to reverse the charges (thankfully). The same scammers called me twice in the past 2 months and told me my PC was infected — but I told them to shove it. And that's being polite. Read this story for more info.

Submission + - 'Back to the Future' DeLorean Car Goes Electric

nandemoari writes: The company which produced the films' iconic vehicle, DeLorean, will soon release an electric version of the slick ride. Called the DMCEV, the car will go into production in 2013 and cost $90,000.

DeLorean Motor Co.'s decision to go electric wasn't made recently, says company CEO Stephen Wynne.
"I've always been very interested in electric cars, but once the Tesla was released, we jumped on," Wynne said. "We actually started the [project] about 4 years ago and finally got it together this year."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - FL Woman Amasses $200K Phone Bill (

nandemoari writes: Celina Aarons, a resident of southern Florida, was recently charged $201,000 for a single month of charges to a cellphone registered in her name. Aarons was stunned to find that charge because she hadn't made any phone calls over seas, and immediately contacted her cellphone provider.

It was then that she pieced together the shocking truth: the phone, which was being used by her legally deaf brother Shamir, had been left on during Shamir's recent trip to Canada. Because the Great White North is far outside her plan's service region, the charges just kept coming and coming. It didn't help that Shamir also texted and used Internet-streaming services while in Canada.


Submission + - Microsoft Seeks Patent for Age Detection (

nandemoari writes: Microsoft is proposing a new patent that would see its Xbox 360 peripheral, the Kinect, take on the role of a virtual babysitter. It works by automatically restricting a child's access to certain television shows or video games that carry a mature content rating.

Through the use of its 3D depth camera, the Kinect would be able to measure the bodily proportions of a user and detect whether or not a child is in the room. The entire concept is based on parental control and would be treated as a manageable feature. The system could also be further tweaked to specify certain restrictions and content.


Submission + - Low-Tech Hacking Used to Breach Scarlett Johansson ( 1

nandemoari writes: The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has accused a 35 year old man of hacking Scarlett Johansson's cellphone and stealing photographs of the actress in a state of undress.

Christopher Chaney, of Jacksonville, Florida, has been charged with several offenses after allegedly compromising the security of more than 50 people, including other celebrities. Chaney not only took compromising photographs from his victims, but that he also stole details of private conversations and even confidential movie scripts.

According to the FBI, it doesn't appear Chaney relied on advanced technology in breaching the security.
Instead, he was able to figure out passwords or other security measures by monitoring social media postings by the celebrities — for example, by learning the name of pets or other common security verification questions. He then set the accounts to forward copies of messages without the celebrities realizing the account had been compromised.


Submission + - Is Internet more essential than water in modern wo (

nandemoari writes: According to a survey that was conducted by the London Science Museum, that asked 3,000 adults to consider the things that they could not live without on a day-to-day basis, Healthcare took a backseat to, and email access was listed ahead of a flushing toilet.
The poll listed a total of 50 items, with the top ten (in order) as follows: Sunshine, Internet Connection, Clean Drinking Water, Fridge, Facebook, National Health Service (NHS), Stove, Email, Flushing Toilet and a Mobile Phone.

If the survey was meant to exploit the ways in which developed nations take many aspects of their lives for granted, consider it mission accomplished.


Submission + - Windows 8 Tablets Hit eBay; Selling for $3,500 (

nandemoari writes: "Windows 8 was unveiled about 2 weeks ago at Microsoft's BUILD conference in Anaheim, California. As part of an attempt to woo developers to use the new operating system, Microsoft gave away a number of Windows 8 tablets to those who attended. The tablets run Windows 8 but the hardware is provided by Samsung.

Presumably, it's those lucky attendees who selling the device on eBay right now for a rather astounding $3,500.

According to the most recent reports, there are at least four different types of Windows 8 tablets selling on eBay — with the highest bids in the $2,000-plus area."


Submission + - Windows 8 Turns 1 PC Into 5, 10, or 5000 (

nandemoari writes: Microsoft has announced that Windows 8 will allow users to create multiple virtual machines on a single computer. It's a feature that's previously only been available on Microsoft's server version of Windows.

The tool, which is referred to as Microsoft's "Hyper-V," allows users to make virtual copies of PCs — all within 1 PC (hence, it's "virtualized"). Virtualization, more importantly, addresses major security issues in that it separates the host hardware (your computer) from the operating system (Windows) and the applications which run within Windows.


Submission + - Antivirus Update Forces Users To Reinstall Windows

nandemoari writes: A problematic update for the popular BitDefender antivirus software appears to be causing quite a bit of trouble for users running 64-bit versions of Windows. Rather than save users from infection, the update released this past weekend is actually labeling important Windows files as malware threats. The problem has been extremely confusing for users of Windows 64-bit operating systems. According to reports, the BitDefender security update identifies vital Windows files as malware and then eliminates them altogether. The deletion of critical executable files has forced many users to re-install their entire operating system and remove BitDefender.

Submission + - Cable Modem Hacker Faces Four Decades Behind Bars 2

nandemoari writes: A 26-year-old who made cash on the side by selling cable modems he'd hacked now faces a potential prison sentence longer than those handed down to murderers. New Bedford, Massachusetts' Matthew Delorey faces up to forty years behind bars. Delorey began his campaign by posting ads for the modified cable modems on Craigslist, followed by an even more tempting series of YouTube videos featuring names like "How to Get Free Internet Free Cable Internet Comcast or any Cable ISP--100% works," and "How to bypass Comcast registration page with premod cable modem SB5100, SB 5101." This wasn't exactly the work of a smooth criminal.
XBox (Games)

Submission + - Cops Use Xbox Live to Nab Christmas Crook

nandemoari writes: Here's a piece of advice for thieves this holiday season: if you steal a game console, don't go online to play games with your crooked friends. Doing just that helped cops find a stolen Xbox 360 over the weekend. Twenty-two-year-old Jeremiah Gilliam is facing huge larceny charges this morning after cops found a veritable pile of stolen electronics in his Bronx home. According to police, Gilliam had an incredible collection of global positioning systems (GPS), video game consoles, laptop computers, cellphones and other electronic devices in his home. Usually these kinds of repeated petty crimes are difficult for police to sniff out, but thanks to some very smart cops (who I think might be gamers themselves), a game console was used to help nab Gilliam.

Submission + - Man Challenges 250,000 Strong Botnet and Succeeds

nandemoari writes: When security officials decide to "go after" computer malware, most conduct their actions from a defensive standpoint. For most of us, finding a way to rid a computer of the malware suffices — but for one computer researcher, however, the change from a defensive to an offensive mentality is what ended the two year chase of a sinister botnet once and for all. For two years, Atif Mushtaq had been keeping the notorious Mega-D bot malware from infecting computer networks. As of this past November, he suddenly switched from de½Âfense to offense. Mega-D had forced more than 250,000 PCs to do its bidding via botnet control.

Submission + - UK to Spend $330M a Year to Track Citizens Online

nandemoari writes: According to reports, Britain will spend 200 million British Pound Sterling per year (equivalent to $330M US Dollars, or $627 per minute), in a massive expansion of its surveillance networks. The new funding is intended to give officials access to details of every Internet click — on top of the email and telephone records that are already available — made by every British citizen. According to the UK's Daily Mail newspaper, one request to spy on phone records and email accounts of its citizens is made every minute. Every day, 1,381 snooping missions are carried out by police, town halls and other government entities. An average of 11 million British Pound Sterling ($18M US) a year is paid to phone companies and Internet service providers for keeping and providing private information about their customers

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