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Submission + - Apple to use LiquidMetal for fuel cell (cultofmac.com)

michelcolman writes: Apple has been granted its first patent related to Liquidmetal, a space-age metal alloy. But the patent isn’t for a new iPad enclosure or iPhone antenna, as experts have predicted. Instead Apple’s Liquidmetal patent is for an internal component of a fuel cell. Apple’s new patent describes “amorphous alloy” collector plates for fuel cells, an electrochemical battery that uses hydrogen to generate electricity. Although the patent doesn’t reference the Liquidmetal trademark, the material is an amorphous alloy or “ metallic glass”. Last year, Apple signed an exclusive agreement to use the Liquidmetal Technologies’ IP in consumer electronic products. But of course, the ever-secretive company hasn’t hinted at its plans for the material.

Submission + - Order of importance if disaster strikes

michelcolman writes: - Loved ones, possessions, data
- Loved ones, data, possessions
- Possessions, loved ones, data
- Possessions, data, loved ones
- Data, loved ones, possessions
- Data, possessions, loved ones

Submission + - Poll: Which would you rather lose?

michelcolman writes: Only counting sentimental value, not money, I would rather lose
- All my physical possessions (books, clothes, old teddy bears, house, car,...)
- All my digital data (including all backups, even in the cloud)

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