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Comment Re:Similar happened with anon.penet.fi (Score 1, Troll) 158

I think you misunderstand his concern. Fox News gets bent out of shape about something, and a Fox News watcher (perhaps several!) decides to "Do Something About It! (TM)". Fox News here is merely an example of the pulpit, it's the parishioners that you have to watch out for.

Comment Re:What's a DLL? (Score 4, Informative) 162

Literally the FIRST hit on Google leads to this:

tl;dr - it's not really a problem to force an arbitrary process to load a DLL, *if you are an administrator*. As noted elsewhere though, if you have the power to inject, you already owned the machine, so why bother?

Comment The Fallacy Fallacy (Score 1) 311

Many seem to think that if you point out a fallacy in an opponents argument, they must be wrong.

The use of a fallacy does not disprove the conclusion - it invalidates the *argument*, the reasoning that lead to the conclusion. The conclusion may be correct or not, you need a different argument to find out.

Comment Re:Less protein? (Score 1) 496

Plants typically do not use atmospheric nitrogen - it is an extremely stable molecule, too difficult to break apart and combine to make other things.

Instead, plants use other nitrogen compounds, many of which are created by bacteria, or are applied from fertilizer. Plants are nitrogen limited by the availability of biologically useful nitrogen, not atmospheric nitrogen.

Comment Re:Thank you. (Score 1) 122

It doesn't matter what they *want* - it only matters what they can *do*, and time and time again it's been shown that the TSA's actions are entirely ineffective. It's security theatre at it's finest, a pointless waste of time and money for everyone involved.

That's why we are 'worried' about it.

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