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Comment Re:Could be worse (Score 4, Insightful) 627

The logic is that the TSA doesn't 'know' the person in front of them is, actually, a pilot. He's just *dressed* like a pilot. If the TSA waves through pilots, then the bad guys will just pretend to be pilots.

See 'Catch Me If You Can'.

So, not *completely* stupid. The completely stupid part is taking toenail clippers away from anyone at all.

Comment Re:I still want short distance & long distance (Score 1) 395

Except is wasn't peering, because the traffic didn't transit those networks. It was requested by endpoints *in* those networks.

Comcast already got paid to move those bits by their own customers. The fact that lots of customer bits just happened to be coming from one place doesn't mean that Comcast should get to gouge the provider of those bits.

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