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Comment Re:On a sober note (Score 1) 238

Swine flu was not "real". The flu was no more deadly than any other. The initial statisics were all wrong. It was caught by pig farmers in Mexico. Take a sick day, lose your job. Lose your job, starve and die. So taking a sick day was death. So workers literally worked themselves to death, with the flu, then the complications like pneumonia. They'd drop dead at work, drown in their own mucus while standing up. The stats were pretty bad in Mexico, but when spread in the US, the death rate was no worse than the regular flu. I took a trip to LA, and managed to contract N1H1. A flu, but not the worst I'd had.

Comment Re:Who cares if they actually help (Score 1) 147 The chest straps like that one have never gotten in my way. That's not the brand I use. Though they don't get in the way, I've gotten some skin irritation under them, as they fit tight and don't breathe well, so I put them on for the time needed, then remove, you wouldn't want to put one on in the morning and take it off at night on any regular basis.

If you are wearing a gi, it will be completely unobtrusive.

Though, thinking about wearing a gi, there are some wrist sensors you can wear up by your shoulder, and under a gi, they'll be out of the way, though if you are topless (or in a sleeveless wrestling outfit), it could get in the way. With the chest sensor, you could do a number of contact sports and not have them too much in the way. They are so tight fitting, it would be hard for anyone to grab them (deliberately or inadvertently).

Comment Re:Once again... (Score 3, Interesting) 50

I had a friend in the FBI. I asked her to look me up. She said it was a crime to look up someone that isn't under investigation (even yourself). So nobody ever does. Every lookup must be linked to a case, and the case manager will see the request. You *will* be caught, fired, and possibly prosecuted for looking up information you don't have reason to. Such a scheme should be used where customer data is used. Including the private sector.

Comment Re:Passing the buck? (Score 1) 135

Of course they're lying. Quote

he termination of CloudFlare's CDN services would have no impact on the existence and ability of these allegedly infringing websites to continue to operate

If it would make now impact, why are they in business? Kind of hard to get people to buy a service that doesn't do anything.

There is a difference between impacting ability to operate and impacting ability to operate at a given service level.

Cloudflare is absolutely correct. If they kick off sites that are being accused of copyright infringement, it doesn't make those sites go away. It's just more cost effective for the alleged criminal enterprise to use a CDN service, not necessarily cost prohibitive to not use one.

Cloudflare is being asked to chop off revenue streams based on a flawed premise. If it actually would make a difference, I'd say yeah, they should boot 'em, but since it doesn't, I kind of see their point and I'd probably say 'screw that' if I were in similar circumstances

Comment Re:The real (and very bad) message: no updates (Score 1) 249

The answer is the same either way. The purpose of it, as software goes, is to test I/O, not produce "Hel[l]o World". So even if errored, it does fulfil its purpose. So no update is needed, even if "wrong". That's one of the points of software updates. Change to add "polish" often drives introduction of functional bugs.

Comment Re:Bandiwidth is *free* fallacy.. (Score 1) 227

The bandwidth caps generally affect the top 1% or fewer users (at least at the more common larger cap sizes). The decrease in profit from tripling the cap wouldn't be anywhere near what you are thinking.

It also reveals that everything they ever said about needing the caps to manage network load was just a pack of lies.

True. Basic shaping is much better than capping, or "advanced shaping". Advanced is when they try to shape down Netflix, but not their own video service. Basic shaping is the shaping allowed by every proposed "network neutrality" bill or suggestion, where you target P2P and such for lower quality, boosting voice, video and web.

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