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Comment Re:Confirmed Existence? (Score 1) 162

I had to look up "Primordial black holes", and that's an interesting theory. These blackholes could actually pass through the Earth on a semi-regular basis.

Nutshell: Blackholes that formed during the early Universe, allowing them to be much smaller because they did not have to form from a dying star. Think in the range of less than a Moon mass.

Comment Re:Logic Fail (Score 1) 162

Certain types of skepticism is just irrationality. Your analogy is completely flawed. A better analogy would be taking a tank of compressed gas into space and finding it implodes instead of explodes, in a vacuum. Not only would it defy expectations, but it would defy all previously known theories in very fundamental ways. No analogy is perfect, but at least try to get the abstract concepts in the same ballpark.

Comment Re:Confirmed Existence? (Score 1) 162

Yes, but some matter can get very cold and become very dark, making it absorb visible light than it emits, making it a good source of blocking light, but not emitting. For example. There is a huge cloud of gas that is colder than the cosmic background. While it is absorbing light, it is also expanding, which cools it. The cooling from expansion is greater than heating from incoming radiation.

Comment Re: Dark Matter is a horrible kludge (Score 1) 162

We've been bouncing microwaves around cavities for a long time, and we've never come up with something like this.

I would stay away from arguments like this. Turns out many of the answers to "difficult questions" are right under our noses, sometimes literally. For example. We've been working on fighting MRSA for a long time. So happens that bacteria in our noses and gut secrete anti-biotics that have thus far killed MRSA with a 100% success rate in rats.

Doing something for a long time is a pretty bad metric of useful experience or mastery of a subject. You need someone who thinks differently.

Comment Re: "Refuses?" (Score 1) 295

Effort is a useless metric unless compared against someone mastered in the art. If a master would have found the issue effortlessly, assuming no hindsight, then the company did not make a good-faith "effort". They probably hired someone with "security skills" and checked off a box somewhere saying they did a security review, assuming that even happened.

Comment Re:Will marriage still be a legal construct? (Score 1) 366

Humans are just computers. I'm confused on why you are confused about the discussion. Treating humans specially is just a current silliness. The example of past silliness is because the past was irrational. Rationality is universal and timeless. If something is "rational" today but not tomorrow, that's because it was never rational to begin with.

Comment Re:And if you tried this in America (Score 3, Interesting) 157

Close but not quite. Residential customers get a discount because residential users as a group have a different bandwidth profile. It's not even just this simple. ISPs costs are typically based on peak usage, which is driven by residential customers. Bandwidth used outside of normal residential peak hours is virtually free. Around here, businesses actually pay the same residential users for the same service.

Key words there, "same service". My ISP makes no real distinction between business and residential. Both can get static IP blocks for cheap, uncapped dedicated bandwidth, individual strands of fiber back to the CO. If you want an SLA, prepare to pay through the nose.

Comment Re:Nagle algorithm? (Score 1) 147

That is not the definition of "shaping", that is Cisco's definition for their own internal terminology. Regardless of what you want to call it, I can control the amount of bandwidth a flow or group of flows can use regardless of direction (ingress/egress), assuming they respond to normal loss, marked, or delayed packet. Most people calling this "shaping bandwidth", but you can call it whatever you want.

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