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Comment Re:Score: +99 Leeeeeeeenux! (Score 1) 88

Couldn't agree more. I used various Linux distros after Windows Vista eventually spelled the death of XP but when Ubuntu went bad, I finally decided to just buy a Mac. Never been happier. It took a little while to get past the inability to configure my WM "just so", but once I got beyond my OCD tendencies in that area, the macOS was perfect. I can't see Linux or Windows being worthy enough to entice me back for many years to come. I should finally start using Numbers, Pages, etc and stop using Open Office (which I retained as my exit strategy, but I don't think I'll be needing one quite frankly).

Comment Re:Engineering (Score 1) 341

OSX is such a disaster that every Mac I've ever come across is riddled with spyware, browser toolbar add-ons, etc.... oh wait, they were actually Windows machines. My bad. I haven't yet seen a Mac infected thus (including my own, which has no so-called "anti-virus" or other such software on it).

Comment Who is John Galt?, I hear the 10% say (Score 1) 1116

How long do you think the 10% of people who actually work for a living will go on happily slaving away to carry the other 90%? Sooner or later somebody like John Galt (from Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged", excellent book!) will enter the scene and get the productive people to pull up stumps and leave the other 90% to fend for their useless selves. I wouldn't blame them, either. What a complete joke this Sam Altman is. I guess I'd happily sit at home watching FX, AMC, Showtime, etc, while Sam Altman rakes in the millions from his worthless theories. LOL!

Comment This is bad for accessibility (Score 4, Insightful) 243

Firefox is the best browser to use for screen reader compatibility, and if it uses the same engine as Chrome, then there goes vision impaired users' sanity. Chrome - as much as I like it myself - is nowhere near as good as Firefox in this area. If Electron/Chromium get their engine up to scratch to match Firefox, then it won't be a problem (I find Firefox slow as a web developer anyway, though Firebug beats Chrome's developer tools, hands down).

Comment Re:He Should have been Banned Anyway (Score 2) 305

You know, I don't think he was being sarcastic, actually. Which is very sad because people who believe in "safe spaces" and "triggering" (ROFLMAO) are ruining free speech, and the media are enabling them. We need a replacement for Twitter, one whose founding principle is the protection of free speech.

Comment Twitter has a major problem with SJWs (Score 1, Insightful) 305

If someone like Stephen Fry is fed up with the social justice warriors ruining Twitter with their rabid offence taking, then that's got to be a major sign that Twitter is on the decline. If Jack Dorsey continues to capitulate to the feminazis then Twitter will end up like MySpace. It's already heading in that direction.

Comment Re:Wait just a minute! (Score 0) 568

No, he described what's actually going on. For decades now we've had computer models thrust into our faces ad nauseam, and yet when they are proven wrong years later, nobody wants to talk about it. They just fiddle with the figures and churn out a new (equally worthless) "model" and dial up the hysteria.

We've had a long record of alarmist rubbish now to show that more "climate science" is just a waste of OUR money. No thanks.

Comment Re:I went back to Mythbuntu, never happier (Score 1) 720

Agreed. The setup was most definitely not a walk in the park (had to change various permissions on things and couldn't even adjust the volume by default), but after the initial day's tinkering, it's rock solid, and won't suffer the gradual rot that Windows gets.

I had to install some Shark codecs or whatever they're called just to play MKV files on Windows and it was very buggy. If you've got the time initially, the long-term investment well and truly pays off. There are various themes but I still find the default Mythbuntu theme the best (once you go and disable fanart backgrounds, which are just distracting).

Comment I went back to Mythbuntu, never happier (Score 1) 720

I don't know why I got rid of Mythbuntu the last time a few years ago (installing Win 7). Windows became such a dog lately that it was easier to put ol' faithful back on the box instead. Mythbuntu is so snappy and responsive; no CPU spikes slowing down playback, and it does what you want at the time you press a button (there's a novel concept, Microsoft!). I can see why Microsoft ditched Windows Media Centre in 10 because they've proven that it's just too hard for them to get it right. My household is now completely Microsoft-free (with my main computer being a Macbook Pro :-)

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