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Comment Ubuntu caused me to leave Linux... (Score 1) 374

... and buy a Mac; I've never looked back. It was all due to Shuttleworth's hate over GNOME, presumably because it was too mainstream and functional, in preference for Unity, that caused me to ditch Linux entirely. Now he's going back to GNOME?! LOL. Too late, buddy.

Comment Well said (Score 1) 240

That's an excellent suggestion. Apple are masters of refining their product line-up to make it easier for people to make decisions (as opposed to people giving up because they have too many choices). But I think Apple have gone too far and there's now too few choices. Your suggestion makes perfect sense, and I hope Apple takes it on board.

Comment Re:Most Android apps are garbage (Score 1) 53

Every iPhone since the 5S released back in 2013, you've been able to unlock just by pressing the home button once.

I have an iPhone 5C, which means I have to press it twice. There is no need to have to press it twice on my model, other than to irritate me in order to force me to buy a new iPhone. This is unnecessary for "legacy" iPhones and Apple should have retained the one-press behaviour for phones without a fingerprint reader

Settings > General > Accessibility > LED Flash for Alerts

No good if the phone is sitting on the desk, and the flash light is blinking where I can't see it. The Android light alert is far preferable because it's not a really-bright flash and is a very efficient tiny LED which can change colour.

Comment Re:Could jailbreaking being dead be a major factor (Score 0) 53

I've never jail broken my iPhones but the phone is no longer doing it for me anymore. It's too restrictive and Apple's "we know best" mentality for everything is just driving me nuts. Their iCloud mail is SO SLOW to check for new messages, too. I think I'll ditch that and go to Gmail or something, too.

Comment Re:Most Android apps are garbage (Score 3, Interesting) 53

I'm seriously considering switching to Android as my next phone, too. My iPhone is beginning to irritate me. I have to press the home button twice before I can enter my PIN, I have only one button (a back button and the other button to switch between apps or kill them would be nice), and there is no light like I see on Android phones indicating that a message arrived and needs answering, etc. These are all things that Apple just doesn't have, and their sandbox is just becoming more of a hindrance.

Like you say, if you're a moron who installs every spammy app you find, then tough luck for you, but I would have a much better experience with Android than I do with my locked-down sandboxed walled garden that is lacking some useful features because Apple knows best. Sorry, but they don't know best, and I'm getting sick of it. I'll still use my MacBook Pro as my desktop OS at home, but as far as a phone goes, iPhone isn't cutting it anymore, and Huawei are making some damned fast phones that look very attractive indeed (and are way cheaper).

Comment Re:NO EDIT BUTTON! (Score 1) 75

Exactly! If people can't be bothered to proof-read a mere 140 characters before clicking the Tweet button, then they don't deserve an edit facility. Get it right the first time, or delete it and repost. Sadly, though, reading what one has typed before clicking a button is a rare thing these days. Too many people seem not to have figured out that they are judged by the quality of what they write. Bad writing allows me to infer that you're an uneducated dimwit. At least it's a good way of identifying rubbish that doesn't need to be read to its conclusion (admittedly, not really a problem for Twitter, but it is in other places).

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