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Comment Re:Responsibilities of a publicly traded company (Score 1) 1051

Double standards is what truly defines lefties these days (well, it has for a very long time!). It's pathetic. Like Jonathan Pie said after Trump won: "being offended doesn't work anymore". These idiots can complain all they like and defend the indefensible but we'll just lap up their "tears of unfathomable sadness" (Eric Cartman) when they keep losing elections and referenda :-)

Comment Meh. I just deleted Twitter on my phone. (Score 1) 1051

I'm sick of the virtue signalling from Twitter and the SJWs running the show now. The best way to deal with anyone throwing a temper tantrum is to ignore them. What better way than to just delete the app altogether? My life will probably thank me for it anyway.

Gab and other free speech alternatives will be the real beneficiaries.

Twitter's stock already is in the toilet so this latest dummy spit is just the final flush.

Comment I've been using Ext JS for 5 years and it's great (Score 1) 332

I could only have delivered half of what I've done over the past 5+ years if I had to use something other than Ext JS. I chose it mainly for the superior grid and its excellent data package, which are still at the top of their game today. I don't know why something like setting focus eluded you so much, so perhaps something else was going on and getting in the way (I've painted myself into a corner countless times and wanted to blame the framework, but in most cases, it turned out to be my own fault). And as for workarounds, occasionally you might need to put one in place to solve a bug ahead of the next release, but that's not often (no framework is immune to the odd bug).

The great thing about Ext JS is that it gives me pretty much everything I'll ever need. Now I doubt I'll impress the "hype" crowd with that statement but I don't have to manage all those project dependencies and includes and various build systems. But at the end of the day, I don't care too much about the inner-workings of Ext JS because my finished products are so darn and good looking functional, and this continues to be one of its strongest selling points (albeit with a much heftier price tag these days, but it's still worth paying, IMHO).

Comment "Stop planning and start doing" (Score 1) 332

"Stop planning and start doing" was the greatest piece of wisdom I got from my American boss many years ago. I suppose you'd call it "agile" these days (is that old hat now? I dunno). You can over-plan something, and whilst my reply probably has little to do with "hype" as such, you can focus too much on the latest buzzwords and frameworks. Just stop planning or thinking too much and dive right in. At the time when I heard "Stop planning and start doing" most of us thought the guy was crazy, but years of development have shown he was right.

Comment Re:Of Course (Score 1) 238

Now I see what they're up to. I've been avoiding using iCloud drive but if that's now the only way to back up my stuff, I suppose I'll have to. I have far too much data though (i.e., my precious MP3 collection... yes, ripped from original CDs that *I* actually own!). I'm happy with my Time Capsule (which is also my MacBook Pro's route to the internet).

Comment Re:With a browser like that... (Score 2) 240

One man's bias is another's firmly-held conviction. You seem to think that all left-wing sites are truth and anyone who disagrees is biased. I could argue the complete opposite. People just need to make up their minds, but an avowed left-winger running all of Snopes' "fact checking" means that it's obviously biased. I had always suspected that site but now I know why it didn't smell right.

Comment Re:Yep. 4.0 signalled its death knell (Score 1) 127

I haven't noticed any random UI changes made by Apple that have degraded the user experience (on OS X at least, I can't say the say for iOS). If a Mac user from 20 years ago came through time to today he'd be right at home with the operating system, and would have no trouble adapting in a short space of time.

Comment Yep. 4.0 signalled its death knell (Score 3, Funny) 127

I used to like KDE 3.5 but when 4.0 dropped and showed that the developers were more interested in UI-fads and flashy wiz-bangery, I went to GNOME. Then it turned to sh*t, so I switched to Mac over 3 years ago, and I've mostly been pretty happy. I like a UI that's functional and doesn't change to keep up with the latest (unproven or poorly tested) fashions.

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