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Submission + - ROSAT failure linked to a cyber-intrusion in 2008 (

mtemar writes: Another dead satellite (ROSAT) to fall in November — Defunct German spacecraft will follow similar route as NASA's UARS — MSNBC reports

According to Wiki, after ten years in orbit NASA investigators were reported to have found that the ROSAT failure was linked to a cyber-intrusion at Goddard Space Flight Center in 2008. This was also reported through Bruce Schneier's blog, a highly-regarded commentary on IT security issues.

"Hostile activities compromised [NASA] computer systems that directly and indirectly deal with the design, testing, and transferring of satellite package command-and-control codes." — Talleur, Thomas J. (18 January 1999).

Comment Re:most of the PAY warez sites seems to seen scams (Score 1) 421

I wouldn't publicly admit to knowing that. You just:

A) Admitted that you've joined one of these sites for the express purpose of obtaining an illicit copy of a game (regardless of whether they had the file, that you know they didn't shows that you searched, which shows intent)

B) Admitted that you are willing to knowingly pay for pirated media (really, at that point, why not buy it legitimately? Sure, it's cheaper, but you're now tying your name to the transaction)

C) Admitted to having fallen for the scam. Multiple times. (You did say most, which implies that you have experience with multiple for-pay warez sites)

Maybe he is owner of one of these sites or involved somehow in distribution and knows inside-outs. This doesn't nullify though the stupidity of admission

Feed TSA Wants Video Game To Train Screeners; Will It Award Bonus Points For Surlines (

Apparently folks at the TSA are a little jealous of the Army having its own video game, so they're looking to create their own video game to train airport security screeners. However, as Wired's Threat Level blog points out, a web-based game of this sort already exists. It sounds pretty realistic, too, since players have to "keep up with capricious, senseless and ever-mutating security rules, such as bans on shirts, ice cream or cow skulls." Somehow, though, given the TSA and DHS' level of competence when it comes to computers, you'd have to expect they'll still manage to spend lots of money on something that won't end up working too well.

Submission + - A Gamer in a Super Bowl ad?

Nelson Kyle writes: "My name is Nelson Kyle and I'm a gamer. I've worked at Electronic Arts (who hasn't?), volunteered for the Stratics Network for over five years, been to E3, PAX, AGC, GDC and many other gaming events. So what's so special about me? Well, one morning I woke up and decided that I wanted to be in a Super Bowl ad! The guys over at are hosting a contest so it could actually happen! Can you imagine a gamer in a Super Bowl ad?

Check out my contest entry and spread the word. With your help a gamer could actually appear in a Super Bowl 2008 ad!

A Gamer in a Super Bowl ad?

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