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Comment Thanks! (Score 1) 1521

I found this site in ~2000 (about when India got TCP/IP in an affordable way) and I've been there ever since (though I only realised I could register much later).
Its been the only site that I check every day for the last 10 years. That is amazing consistency for me!

Thanks and all the best with whatever you decide to do!

Comment Re:to echo a commenter on TFA.... (Score 3, Informative) 322

Nope, there are moonstorms. From the link:

"All this matters to NASA because, by 2018 or so, astronauts are returning to the Moon. Unlike Apollo astronauts, who never experienced lunar sunrise, the next explorers are going to establish a permanent outpost. They'll be there in the morning when the storm sweeps by.

The wall of dust, if it exists, might be diaphanous, invisible, harmless. Or it could be a real problem, clogging spacesuits, coating surfaces and causing hardware to overheat.

Which will it be? Says Stubbs, "we've still got a lot to learn about the Moon."


Submission + - The anonymous-HBGary story: How it happened (

metalcup writes: Ars technica has a wonderful article on how Barr tried to track anonymous, his apparent hubris, and how anonymous 'bitch-slapped' him at the end.
Nate Anderson (the author) doesn't go into the technical details of how the servers for HBGary Federal were compromised, but he pieces together a nice chain of events and conversations between Gary and his programmer (who keeps saying Gary is being stupid), and the rest of the company from the emails and other stuff that anonymous posted on piratebay.

  Thought it might interest the crowd here..


Submission + - Activition Cancels Guitar Hero ( 1

jtillots writes: Activision Blizzard cancels Guitar Hero citing "decling revenue of the music game genre". Also on the chopping block was DJ Hero and True Crime. Fat_bot put it best — it's the new Day the Music Died.

Submission + - Researchers boast first programmable nanoprocessor (

schliz writes: Harvard University researchers have assembled nanowires into tiny 'logic tiles' that can perform adder, subtractor, multiplexer, demultiplexer and clocked D-latch functions. While the 960-square-micrometre chips are not currently as dense as 32nm CMOS technology, the researchers say future versions could be up to 100 times more efficient than current electronics, and could yield low-power, application-specific 'nanocontrollers' for use in tiny embedded systems and biomedical devices.

Submission + - White House consults public on innovation (

ciaran_o_riordan writes: Ever wanted to tell Obama's policy advisers what you think of software patents? For this week only, the White Houses' policy advisors are taking input on the topic of innovation and the "digital highway". You can draft your responses on End Software Patents' wiki page, and you'll find info and arguments there too that might be useful. Getting a foothold for pushing software patent abolition in the USA is difficult, so let's make the most of this. A good submission has already been posted on Techdirt.

Submission + - ACS:Law Told File-Sharing Case Must Continue (

An anonymous reader writes: A controversial law firm that sent letters to alleged illegal file sharers has been told it cannot drop its cases to "avoid public scrutiny". "I cannot imagine a system better designed to create disincentives to test the issues in court," said Judge Colin Birss at the Patents County Court in London.

The case stems from a letter-writing campaign by ACS:Law and its partner company MediaCAT, which sent an undisclosed number of notices to alleged file sharers demanding they pay a fine or face the prospect of costly legal action.

Comment Re:Hi- I'm the Author (Score 1) 330

Hello Dr. Barski,

Thanks for taking part in this discussion - I appreciate it - it is always great to chat with the author of a book on a subject you like..! I have a problem that I am hoping you, as an author of a book that teaches a language, might have some insight into. Thanks for taking the time to read this :)

I've been on the internet in one way or another since the early 90's (I started out using bulletin board services, yahoo was a directory listing, and I used GOPHER/ARCHIE) on 14.4K and then 56K modems to start with - so I would like to think that I have some skill with technical stuff. However, I have tried and repeatedly failed over the years to learn any programming language -though I can hack together simple shell scripts and PERL scripts to get the job done in a pinch. I suspect this is might be because of two reasons:

a) Lack of a real problem to solve (i.e. lack of motivation)

b) Programming requires a completely different way of thinking that is alien to me. So I can never 'get it' :/

Since I am now a biologist doing my PhD in molecular genetics, where I often work with large-scale datasets (RNA sequencing data, microarray data, genome-wide mRNA expression data, etc), good programming skills would allow me to ask questions that I cannot even consider because of lack of skill. This gives me my problem that I need to solve. However, I have spent lots of time trying to learn LISP/Scheme/Python and failed miserably. I am very tempted to get your book, and I recognize that you cannot ensure that I learn programming; however, I was hoping you had some tips or suggestions on how I could approach the topic and learning the/a language in general.


Comment flamebait (Score 4, Informative) 883

The post header is a flamebait - and the mods have really screwed up for not having caught it. If you read the TFA (yes yes, I know this is /.), the article headline says "Shell dumps wind, solar and hydro power in favour of biofuels" They are saying that compared to investing in wind, solar and hydro, they want to invest in biofuel reseach, since they think it will be profitable (duh! they are a company - they exist to make a reasonable profit). The impression I got from reading the slashdot post header was that shell has decided to go completely out of alternative energy (/non fossil fuels) entirely. Posting sensationalist headlines is o.k. for mags - why do that here on /.?

Submission + - SPAM: Managing Anger

cexycheryl writes: "Interesting article about the many ways people express anger and how it can be damaging to them. Long article, but some decent anger management tips and anger management techniques to help people dealing with and managing anger."
Link to Original Source

Submission + - Music Labels Change Mind About Sharing Music (

Steve Sonu writes: "imeem, a social networking site that was in the recording music label's sights earlier this year for allowing users to share music on its site, has pulled a giant rabbit out a hat. In July it settled its lawsuit with Warner Music by promising to cut the label in on advertising revenues from the site. Now the Wall Street Journal is reporting that it's inked similar deals with all four major labels, meaning that imeem is now the first website to allow users to share music with the blessing of the labels, publishers and artists."

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