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Comment Re:When will VideoCards peak? (Score 1) 89

"Moores law has been dead for quite a while now.

You have misunderstood what Moore's law is about. It is simply about the number of transistors doubling in integrated circuits every year (later revised to every two years). It is not about single threaded performance in CPUs."

Oh boy, here we go again, another Moore's law explainer.

So, try to understand that the Moore's law got well known because of all the speed that your precious count brought.

Nobody cares about the transistor counts, people upgraded because in about a year, your computer got twice as fast. This effect was known as a "Moore's law".

How long are you going to be sticking to the technicality of the transistor count? Are you aware that meanings of words can change over time?

Do you call your electronic computer only "a computer". Do you have a person sitting below your desk? Because a computer was a person that did calculations. That's why old farts sometime insisted on calling them "electronic computers".

So, yes, Moore's law surely is about the single thread performance.

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