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Comment Re:Home of the brave? (Score 1) 954

Perhaps you mean United States of America. You now, I'm American (from South America) and I have nothing to do with these guys. I also have other american friends (from central an north America) who are not from the USA. Stop using our continent as a country name, please. PS: although we also must get a grip on ourselves. :-D

Comment Re:Why do teens *need* all these drugs??? (Score 5, Interesting) 133

As a Psychiatrist and long-time Slashdot reader I feel really disappointed reading the reactions of people whose oppinion in technical matters I respect a lot. But after > 20 years of "in-the-trench" psychiatry (public and private settings) I've seen (BY FAR) more good than harm as consequence of our practice. I can say I helped a number of people, lots of them using SSRI. We are aware of the industry and its tactics, and the wax-and-wane of science. But most of my colleagues act in good faith following procedures tested in our gold-standard double blind placebo-controlled trials. Medicine CAN do harm sometimes, that's not new. But when you add all up, there's a net benefit. Just my 0.02

Submission + - New release of the Trinity Desktop Environment

mescobal writes: A new relase of the Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE) is out. TDE is "a computer desktop environment for Unix-like operating systems with a primary goal of retaining the function and form of traditional desktop computers" which translates into a fully functional KDE 3 style Desktop. Something is missing in the new generation of DEs since some people (perhaps more than "some") feel at home with Gnome 2 or KDE i3.
They have repositories for Debian and Ubuntu-based distros. The submitter is now using it on Ubuntu 15.04, amazed about how well thought things were in the previous generation of DE. We may have gained some things with Gnome 3 and Plasma 5, but also lots of good things are gone. TDE brings them back

Comment Re:News!!! Make something and be bashed!!!! (Score 1) 158

I know my English is bad, but your lack of understanding exceeds it.

Do I need "excuses" and am I "lazy" because I don't want to write a script myself and choose to play a game ???????????

Back to the original question: "what's wrong with you guys?"

Answer: I don't know, but I feel something is very wrong from the community perspective. Everybody seems turning to the "dark side".

Comment Re:News!!! Make something and be bashed!!!! (Score 1) 158

If you are > 40, you should now Time is relative. I have kids. Playing is something I share with them, tinkering (sadly) not. I didn't want to buy them a game console. I like to share with them other values.

Steam doesn't "waste" my time. I decide to waste my time with Steam.

That's the kind of reasoning that harms our community. I'll rephrase it to you (in my very primitive English):

For lost of reasons I decide to waste my time playing instead of tinkering so I wellcome those who make this possible.

If Debian community can't conceive this scenario, then perhaps it's time to move to another distro (or another OS).

Comment News!!! Make something and be bashed!!!! (Score 1) 158

What happen to you guys? I'm no engineer, but i'm no newbie. I'm a doctor, I don't have time to tinker with everything in my PC. So when I installed steam on one of my Debian machines (I had Ubuntu but for ethical reasons returned to Debian) and it didn't work out I felt disappointed. I DON'T HAVE TIME to make the changes myself. So, when someone does it an shares it I'd say good for us all. And the one that said "...Ubuntu is an African word that means "I can't configure Debian"...": that's old, boring, false, trollish, etc. I CAN configure lots of things in all of my Debian machines. Debian could be the acronym of "I can't stand Unity" or "I don't sell myself to corporations". But, seriously, guys... that attitude is NOT what makes out OS a great one. So: F'You (quoting Linux). And thanks to the guy doing the real work.

Submission + - International observers could face criminal charges in Texas (

mescobal writes: Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott warned international election observers not to come closer than 100 feet from a pollng place; otherwise, they could be subject to criminal prosecution.
The warning was addressed to a group of international observers who intend to monitor polls.
The OCSE ( an UN affiliated organization of observers was concerned about voter ID issues among other things.

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