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Comment Re:It's a she, not a he (Score 5, Informative) 242

You forget, Congress is full of elitists who didn't follow many of the Employment Laws and regulations (Equal Opportunity Employment, Affirmative Action, OSHA, etc) until it required itself in 1994. So, it only stands to reason that one of their ilk, regardless of Party affiliation, would evoke her 4th Amendment rights while gleefully trampling on ours.

Comment Re:Surprisingly lazy (Score 5, Informative) 235

If you RTFA, you will see that the Police forced their way into the apartment after the suspect's girlfriend would not let them in with-out a warrant. the police did not get a search warrant to enter the residence to ... “because they did not want to reveal information [to a judge] about the technology they used to track the cell phone signal,” the appellate judges note.

Also from TFA: Authorities opted not to get a warrant either for the use of the Stingray or the search of the apartment, simply because they didn’t want to tell the judge what they were using to locate the suspect...

This is a two-fold disregard of the constitution.

Comment Not surprising (Score 2) 145

More from the article: "The research is likely to trigger scientific challenges and cause some controversy because it places far more complex life in an environment where researchers have generally held it should not, or even cannot, exist."

I thought they stopped saying that after finding life in the Challenger Deep section of The Mariana Trench.


Submission + - Section 230 Repeal Would Destroy the Internet (

hapworth writes: Les Machado, an Internet specialist at the firm of LeClair Ryan in Washington, D.C., says the future of the Internet is in jeopardy thanks to measures being taken to repeal Section 230, the law that grants immunity from legal activity to Websites hosting user-generated content. If the law gets repealed, this would likely mean the end of Facebook, blogs, review sites like Yelp, and any other forum where users are allowed to contribute.

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