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Comment Joseph Stalin once said (Score 2) 219

"It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything." Internet voting would basically remove the last remaining perception of legitimacy from any of this "democracy" farce that we have in this country. If government counts the votes, government will make sure the "right" candidate wins every time.

Comment Re:Try to do some math (Score 1) 1145

>> When was the last time we were invaded?

About 200 years ago, in 1812. Napoleon had big plans for the US, it was to be a part of the French Empire. The reason why the US hasn't been invaded since are two fold. For one thing it's in a very fortunate position geographically. The only two ways it could be invaded are through Canada and Mexico, and both of those countries are our allies. For another, even if someone invaded, the US has by far the most powerful military in the world.

But repelling invasions is not what today's armies are for. A major part of their mission is projecting force across the world's oceans, and making sure people don't interfere with US interests, trade and otherwise. Read George Friedman's "Flashpoints" to gain a better understanding of these issues. Our military is actually quite a bargain compared to the benefits it provides.

Comment Re: The Republicans want to make everyone work (Score 2, Insightful) 1145

>> please don't turn it into the country I ran away from

As a successful immigrant myself, this is _exactly_ my sentiment. Fuck that commie shit with a broomstick. I came to this country not just with not a dime to my name, I had significant debts as well. I now pay four times in taxes alone compared to what I made here in the first year. It took me 15 years and a lot of hard work and perseverance to get to this point. Now some communist comes out of the woodwork and says I need to "share". But dude, I already "share". Even with my great accountant doing my taxes, Uncle Sam takes fully 29% of what I make, with nearly zero accountability for how this money is being spent. To me it appears as though it disappears into the void, since neither the federal nor the state government ever has money to fund even the basic necessities like education. There's literally zero incentive for the government to spend this money wisely, _especially_ if the government is run by democrats who think they should have unobstructed access to my wallet.

Comment Try to do some math (Score 3, Insightful) 1145

You can't directly compare how much other countries spend on their militaries. For one thing, their soldiers make a lot less, and their benefits (such as, you know, treating them if their extremities are blown off) are much lower. That alone is about half of the entire military budget. It's also not like you have a choice to buy foreign military gear, it all has to be designed and made right here, at great expense. And even so, 5% of GDP is a small price to pay for having your children die on someone's bayonets. If you want to tell me this can't happen, this has happened multiple times in just recent history to countries which also thought this couldn't happen. In fact, US military (and US in general) is a major reason there hasn't been another major European war. What you now recognize as the EU, was created with heavy prodding from post-war US diplomats.

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