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Journal Journal: the bases of open source a link to my new favorite comment on slashdot. It encompasses the advantage of open source.
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Journal Journal: World of Warcraft SAT Study Aid

This from kotaku, from wired:

Kaplan, makers of test preparation software, and Tokyopop, makers of the world of warcraft manga , have joined together to bring us a world of warcraft sat prep manga

From the article, "Among the list of smartifying books (how do you like that vocabulary right there?) is Warcraft: Dragon Hunt, the first volume in the Sunwell Trilogy. All of the books include more than 300 words that frequently show up on the SATs and ACTs."


Journal Journal: Making Wii-friendly webpages

posted on htp:daringfireballnet : opera has created a page on making webpages on the Wii . The browser is essentially Opera but there are javascript and CSS differences specific to the browser. For example, From the article

"JavaScript is perhaps the part that exposes the most differences between Opera on desktop and Opera on Wii. As with CSS, JavaScript will see the virtual browser window size, not the actual television resolution: window.innerWidth, and similar properties, such as document.body.clientWidth, will all be 800. window.innerHeight and similar properties, such as document.body.clientHeight will all give the height of the virtual browser window. Properties such as screen.height cannot be used."

This could be useful for all you web developers writing web apps for your company. Being able to market to Wii browsers will certainly earn you points with your boss


Journal Journal: What makes an FTPD

I was told to review FTP daemons by my employer and I would like the rest of the community to weigh in on what makes a good ftp server. Not the hardware but the software daemon. Is there a reputation to go on to differentiate between the heavyweights and the backwaters of ftp daemons? what are your favorites?, How did you choose?
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Journal Journal: Shiki no uta on imeem

I just found shiki no uta on Imeem, this is the first ending theme of Samurai champloo here it seemed very amereican, you know, lots of skin.
Lord of the Rings

Journal Journal: How do you explain the negative effects of global warming? 2

I tried to explain to two guys I work with that global warming is bad. Naturally this conversation started in reaction to the recent announcement by the IPCC. I first tried to explain it in terms of how it effects the human species. I couldn't find a good example. I tried to explain what's bad about humans causing the extinction of other species and couldn't think of one who's ecosystem would be wiped out and who's extinction would effect us adversely. Then I tried to explain its effects on weather exemplifying its effects on hurricane Katrina, they were incredulous but it was at least solid (the energy in the ocean contributes to the energy in the atmosphere and so on). The arguments I often encounter are "the animals will adapt, as will we." a plausible yet disturbing argument. Can anyone else come up with a good way to explain why we should stop global warming to those less educated about it?


Journal Journal: Camino Alpha 2 is released

Camino 1.1 alpha 2 has been released, it no longer supports Mac OS 10.2 and is now using Firefox 2.0's Gecko 1.8.1 which includes many of firefox's security fixes. From the release notes

About Camino 1.1 Alpha 2 Camino 1.1 Alpha 2 is a heavily-updated version of the only native Mac OS X browser using's Gecko HTML rendering engine. Notable improvements include enhanced tabbed browsing ("single window mode"), integration with the Mac OS X spell-checking system, detection of RSS/Atom feeds, an improved design for the "blocked pop-up" notification, enhanced options for cookies and downloads, and a resizable search field in the toolbar. This release also includes enhancements in speed, security, and rendering accuracy brought by version 1.8.1 of the Gecko rendering engine.


Journal Journal: gtk+ for mac osx

The Gtk+ environment is being ported over to mac os x so it can be run natively instead of having to run in x11 or xdarwin or what ever x11 environment a mac user might be using.

From the post

The source is included in CVS for Gtk+ and Pango, see the Build Instructions for more information on getting and building the source. Discussions about further development take place on the Gtk-devel mailing list. If you want to help out with the development, please take a look at the Things to do page for a description of what is left to be done.

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Journal Journal: theology is a science too?

It worries me to attempt to propose the idea that the study of theology is of similar caliber to that of physics. The studies are both to obtain an understanding of the world around us, or the nature of the universe. Also, like quantum theorists, they are also making theories based on theories that are all hard to prove but are still felt necessary to the researchers. They are trying to find purpose of existance because they couldn't believe that the existence had no beginning and will have no end and that we are all simply fragmentations of equilibrium or entropy. I mostly appreciate the people that feel that it is worth it to know more about existence than the subset that is handed to them or what lies just beyond their nose
Data Storage

Journal Journal: glscubed, thats sgl^3

I can't believe this hasn't been slashdoted before, I think this is the best candidate for bringing a semantic storage method to GNU/Linux desktop. This should be desktop environment independent and I believe that it could still make it out before WinFS. If you don't know what I mean by semantic storage, I am over generalizing the idea of searching your HD by tags and metadata, essentially Spotlight.

The idea is explained at, it stands for GNU/Linux Semantic Storage System (GLSSS), (this would look right if I could use the sub/sup tags). I also think its a better idea (as far as implementation goes) than beagle or Kat, but the best part is, desktop environment independent I can use it on fluxbox. now I just need a graphical front end (or not, works through console too) and a launcher based on it (think quicksilver)

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