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Comment Re:It's amazing (Score 1) 199

The PATRIOT Act is not an amendment, it is an Act of Congress. This Act has been challenged in court and restricted to a degree but it still by and large considered constitutional by the court (at least in the narrow sense that no other court cases involving the PATRIOT Act have been accepted and adjudicated by the Court). Whether or not it should be constitutional is another matter entirely.

Comment Re:Unnecessary (Score 1) 528

Okay, I'll grant you, science has gotten it wrong many times...however, you will note that we have newer, more accurate theories supplanting old ones when the evidence does not square with the theory. This is healthy and good, it is growth. The thing to take away from this is that science discarded those incorrect theories when we found that evidence did not support them. That is the reason why science has progressed. Denying new information that conflicts with pre-established worldviews on the other hand is stagnation, no growth is possible without change.

Comment Re:The stupid is strong with these people... (Score 2) 528

Yep, and for roughly the same reasons. An ignorant populace is far easier to manage and control from the top. Look at North Korea for a live example of this. With no external facts or even a method to determine if a particular "fact" is grounded in reality, you can insert whatever you like and ignorant people will swallow it wholesale simply because they literally do not know any better. (an aside, the latin root for the word science was scientia, knowledge, very telling in this context)

TL;DR - Orwell said it best, control the present and you control the past; control the past and you control the future. The most effective way to do that is through control of information

Comment Re:In the clear? SRSLY? (Score 1) 353

Files generally are not encrypted on a one-off basis, instead they are saved within an encrypted "container". This encrypted contain could contain other arbitrary files and will likely use a unique seed value to start encryption, both of which will ensure that you will not be able to find a reproducible file hash for bad images. What you are describing is basically a known-ciphertext attack and is well understood within encryption.

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