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Comment Microsoft-,You failed at the one job you had to do (Score 2) 318


You failed at the one job you had to do. You need to have people to trust your OS. That is all. But you couldn't resist and loaded it with spyware and possible government back-doors. There is not a corporate account who will even consider this OS now.

I guess the even-number-windows-versions-are-crap rule continues.


Submission + - Eris confirmed to be more massive then Pluto (

tigerhawkvok writes: "Using Hubble data, a Caltech professor and his graduate student observed the orbit of Eris's (formally Xena) moon, and confirmed Eris to both be radially larger and more massive than Pluto. Eris was the body that prompted much of the debate over the definition of a planet.

Check out the Hubblesite press release for more information, or Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy Blog for a quick summary."


Submission + - Nintendo Wii being sued by Lonestar Inventions (

losman writes: Texas based Lonestar Inventions is suing Nintendo on a patent it holds that is described as a "high capacitance structure in a semiconductor device". They issed suits and settled on this patent before. Everyone seems to want in on Wii's success! The full story is at Gamespot: onvert&om_clk=newstop&tag=newstop;title;2
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Winner Lucasfilm Best Short Star Wars Film '07 (

Mike McMahan writes: "Ever tried to get your AT-AT out of a parking lot without causing any damage? Check out this short on Atom: It's funny, it's Star Wars, it's under two minutes long and we made the entire thing on an Apple Powerbook G4. Just thought the Slashdot community would be into it: we made it with an awesome (downloadable) program called istopmotion (from Boinx), and then edited it with Final Cut Pro, and added the magic with After Effects. Hope you enjoy! -Mike"

Submission + - Celebrating the Biological Father (

lehtaylor writes: "For all the fellas who've heroically taken on parenting with little concern for what Angier calls "the central verity of paternity — that it's a lot more fun to become a father than to be one," we think Sunday seems the perfect holiday for a science outing. Check here for some fun ways to spend time with Dad, in New York or elsewhere this weekend."

Submission + - PC calls centers garner lowest satisfaction score (

Lucas123 writes: "The University of Michigan took its first American Customer Satisfaction survey and found that of six industries measured for the Customers' Call Center Satisfaction Index, the PC industry received the lowest score, according to a Computerworld story. 'According to the survey, nearly 73% of the people who have bad experiences with their PC companies' call centers said they will consider purchasing their next PCs from another company, while 85% of customers who had their problems resolved by calling a PC call center said they would continue doing business with the company. Other calls centers included in the survey included banking, cell phone service, cable and satellite television, and insurance."

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