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Comment Cancelled (Score 2) 184

I cancelled my subscription because of this. The irony is that I had just signed up - subscription to start Oct 01 :-)

Personally I _want_ a magazine that can sit on the table in my lounge, *cough* or on top of the toilet cistern. I do wonder how many subscribers they're going to lose because of this. Im sure they did a survey and decided the benefit was worth it.

Heh, LinuxJournal deathclock anyone?


Comment sex appeal (Score 1) 300

mmmmm Uma. But seriously, even the way Iron Man was/has been sold on the Big Screen (cinema) it all comes down to sex appeal. Who isnt attracted to the playboy-geek lifestyle that Robert Downey Jr. portrays. Uma of course is Just Hot. But for the sake of even-Stevens she also kicks ass with a katana.

Comment Seagate ST31500341AS (Score 1) 715

Those all too familiar with that model number will know exactly what I mean.... Click of death.

Ive had to RMA two of my CC1H (latest 'stable' firmware) drives. They both started clicking after about 1 month of usage.

Crazy. In Seagate's defence (and only defence), they havent kicked up a fuss replacing them. Of course it costs me 22 EUR/shipping every time I send them one. *mutter*

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