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Journal Journal: Appearance of the Folding-screen Conceptual Cell Phone

Nowadays, in the time of high development of the science and technology, people prefer to those folding equipments such as the folding bike and folding furniture. As they are smaller in size and lighter in weight, they can bring much convenience to our life. About the mobile phone, the traditional folding mobile phone is just designed with a separate screen and keyboard. However, a folding screen conceptual mobile phone

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Journal Journal: Why the Mobile Phone Jammer is So Popular?

Have you ever thought why people use the mobile phone jammer? It’s obvious that a cell phone jammer provides you with peace and quiet you deserve and keep you in a safe condition. You should note that cell phone jammers are not intended to harm. Emergency service frequencies are never disturbed even though a mobile phone jammer is utilized.

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Journal Journal: A Cell Phone Jammer Brings You Peace and Quiet

Have you ever want a cell phone jammers to enable you enjoy the peace in your location? You may find a cell phone jammer always satisfy your needs well. A portable cell phone jammer can come to give you a hand when you in any location where a nuisance is likely to be created by the cell phone.

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Journal Journal: What is a LED?

It is important to know what a LED light is if you want to understand how a high power LED flashlight works. LED stands for light-emitting diode. It is a semiconductor diode that emits light when an electric current is available for it. It’s just like a simple circuit. This circuit produces electroluminescence such as infrared rays, visible rays and ultraviolet rays. These lights are often very thin,

Submission + - SPAM: Quick Tips: Take Kind Care Your Digital Camera

mec08 writes: AS a kind of optical instruments and electronic gadgets, the digital cameras are vulnerable. As to such kind of products, you’d better give your digital camera special care. The water and dust may lead the short-circuit to the electronics. For digital camera, the dust not only has bad influence on the circuit, but also the beam path of the camera lens and imaging problem may be occurred.

In fact, it’s cut and tried to talk about the maintenance of the digital camera. I believe most of the consumers have no doubt to take waterproofing measures, but not every consumer will do the dust-free work elaborately.

The harm the dust does to your digital camera
When the there is some dust on the surface of lens, some part of the photo will look soften. And your mode will be affected. The battery touch spot and press key are most affected by the dust. What’s worse, it may lead bad contact and keypad failure. If the transducer is caught by the dust, dark space will be showed on the picture directly.

Precautions of dust-free measures on digital camera
It’s impossible to thoroughly preclude the possibility of dust intrusion to digital camera, but we can try to avoid taking photos in dusty places. And the “three proofing” digital camera on the market has better dust-proof features.

A good camera case is also necessary for consumer camera. Your digital camera can be put into the camera case when the digital camera is not in operation. It’s not important whether the camera case is original or not, but it should not be easy fluff-losing. Otherwise, it comes to be one of the sources of dust. And a tough camera case can enable you take your DSLR camera to walk around.

It’s not enough to only rely on the digital cameras dust proof function, reducing the chance to get in touch with the dust is the fundamental solution. When you replace the DSLR’s lens, keep the lens upward and the body downward. As a matter of gravity, less possibility for the dust to remain on the viewfinder.

For the digital camera not frequently used, it’s suggested to take out the battery first and then place the camera in cupboard with the plastic wrapper on the surface. For the DSLR camera, a drying cabinet can keep the camera away from moisture and cut off the dust effectively.

The precautions of dust removal for digital camera
The camera will not be disturbed by dust, if it’s well shielded. But if your digital camera is unluckily caught by dust, the dust removal will be required.

The lens should not be directly touched. If the there is some dust on the lens, it’s better to blow. For some oil dust which can’t be blow away, 3M ScotchBrite can be effective. But the scotchbrite should be new and clean. For the dust on the camera body, brush can be used. Only take care no sweeping to the parts which is sensitive to dust.
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Journal Journal: Cell Phone Jammer Enhances Your Security

With the rapid development of the communication technology, the mobile phone is widely used in the world. While the mobile phone brings great conveniences to people, it also raises new challenge on the security of confidential work. In recent years, the wiretap, cheating in examination, medical negligence and gas station explosion with mobile phone occurred and it has aroused great concern of the society. Maybe it’s one of the reasons that promoted the appearance of cell phone Jammer.


DIY Texting System For Really Underground Radio 98

Gulthek writes "Sixteen-year-old Alexander Kendrick has created a device that allows texting and other data transfer from almost 1000 feet underground. The tech could allow rapid emergency communication with the surface and opens the potential for scientific measurements without the need to continually visit (and disturb) the cave environment." There's some kvetching in the NPR story's comments that it's not the first use of cave radios, but that seems to miss the point.

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