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Comment Re:Dumb extrapolation (Score 1) 614

Thank you - I was amazed not to read this anywhere else. Yes, if the time you start work includes 2008 -> now, then you have been working in a recession.

I started work in 1992. There was a mini recession then too (UK), and my unrealistic hopes of high starting salaries were quickly driven home when it transpired I was one of only two people graduating to actually get a job, let alone a vast salary. That also has a knock-on when you start looking at percentage rises as well of course - you may well get similar percentages in future years, but you started from a different base.

I was 'lucky'. I had a job when most didn't, and these days I've more than overcome the started-with-a-low-base problem. But 'these days' are quite a way away from 1992...people who started work near 2008 will have a more exaggerated manifestation of the same problem, and will likely have to wait until later in their working life to correct it.

Comment Re:Just another Reality POS program (Score 4, Insightful) 62

Years back, there was an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto. It was by one of the tech mags and they were asking him what makes a great game. 3D instead of 2D? Immersive? Should the player have cinematic elements? Does the player need to be emotionally involved?

Miyamoto's answer was "well, I like moving things around the screen.". That's it. That, bluntly, is why he is a genius level game designer and the interviewers were not. Every element above is just that - an element. It can help or hinder the particular game, and Miyamoto just saw them as things that could be combined to form a game.

The point? Don't discount Flappy Bird. Just because it didn't take three years and a research team to develop, does not mean it wasn't talented.

Comment Re:Aaaannnd there it is... (Score 1) 157

If by stolen you mean bought, then yes. He recognised the people and paid for it. MS copied it.

All history now of course and I actually quite like Win 10. Just the Xerox myth keeps getting trotted out without any recognition of the fact Jobs paid and brought on the actual engineers to carry on working with it. More here, amongst other places.

Comment Not much unusual here - no censorship (Score 1) 167

You disable it at the router's MAC level, if it's anything like Virgin's. You got to a site, register the MAC...and you're done. I don't want filtering so turned it off - and we're done. No fuss, no bother. Virgin were very upfront about it, and provide an easy opt-out.

I personally would prefer opt-in but it was extremely clear and easy to turn off, so I'm simply not very exercised by this.

Comment Re:Is the mod system here broken today? (Score 1) 96

I was in the first 12k users, though annoyingly have lost my password for that account. Yes, have been here for a long time. It's not a natural response - in fact it feels a lot more like the style of other sites leaking in. I'm also on Reddit where you more or less expect this kind of stuff and take the bad with the good, but Slashdot's comments used to not suffer quite so badly from this kind of stuff.

Comment Re:Is the mod system here broken today? (Score 1) 96

Just anecdotally there's been a seriously offensive uptick in trolling on Slashdot today - I wonder if that's related. I haven't modded this article but did others. Whilst most I modded were positive contributions, there was a whole lot of junk at the beginning which (in my view) needed to be lost. I see people have 'graced' us with such a thread in this article too.

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