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Submission + - ARM To Keynote at AMD Fusion Developer Conference (

MojoKid writes: "AMD is hosting its first AMD Fusion Developer Summit (AFDS) this summer, from June 13-16. The conference will focus on OpenCL and
upcoming AMD Llano performance capabilities under various related usage models. One interesting twist is that the keynote address will be given by Jem Davies, currently ARM's VP of technology. To date, AMD's efforts to push OpenCL as a programming environment have been limited, particularly compared to the work NV has sunk into CUDA. With its profit margins and sales figures improving, AMD is apparently turning back to address the situation—and ARM's a natural ally. The attraction of OpenCL is that it can potentially be used to improve handheld device performance. AMD's explicit mention of ARM hints that there might be more than meets the eye to this conference as well."

Submission + - Veena Malik Scandal (

An anonymous reader writes: This is very shameful video for Pakistan that the most popular Pakistani actress Veena Malik became very nude in Indian program Big Boss. She decide to participate in Indian T.V Show Bigg Boss and she exposed herself. She forgot her culture, traditions & religion too.

Submission + - Should Electric Cars be on Interstate Highways?

PowerCyclist writes: I'm thinking of throwing a few thousand dollars into a DIY electric car for my mom to get back and forth to work. She's getting a new gasoline car and selling the old one will fund the project -so the electric car doesn't need to go far at all. My main question: is it actually feasible to have a converted electric car get up to 70 MPH safely?

I already have experience dealing with 10+ kW motors on a motorcycle, so converting an old 2-seat car should be fairly easy if anyone knows of a motor + transmission combo that will reliably go 70 MPH for a couple miles each day. Even 65 MPH would be acceptable but most electric car projects top out below 55 MPH.

Desired weight of starter car no more than 1000 kg
Desired battery tech: lead-acid but LiFePO4 is not out of the question.
Distance to travel is ~18 km (11mi)
Motor voltage will be 48-72 VDC (any higher makes building batteries a pain)
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Do customers care when there's a big security brea (

An anonymous reader writes: Sony’s official line is to be wary, but it’s ‘unlikely’ that the credit card data was stolen. For most people, that’s hardly a good enough response. Or at least, you’d think so. The lack of certainty over whether credit card details have been stolen doesn’t seem to have whipped up a frenzy of concerned consumers in reality.

Submission + - Modified Virus Improves Solar-Cell Efficiency (

autospa writes: "Researchers have found a way to improve the power conversion efficiency of solar cells using a genetically engineered version of a virus called M13 to help improve one particular step in the process of converting sunlight to electricity. A solar cell works like this — when sunlight falls on the light-harvesting material, electrons are released and produce an electric current. According to the research team, adding microscopic carbon nanotubes (hollow cylinders of pure carbon) can increase the efficiency of electron collection from a solar cell’s surface."
The Courts

Submission + - Amazon responds to "App Store" Lawsuit from Apple (

tekgoblin writes: "Apple had filed a lawsuit in March against Amazon's use of "App Store" in their newly launched Amazon AppStore. Apple had informed Amazon that using the term "App Store" was unlawful because they owned the rights to the term itself. In the lawsuit Amazon indicates that the term "App Store" is too generic for Apple to lay claim to the name itself."

Submission + - Fox, Paramount may skip YouTube due to lack of pir (

mr100percent writes: Fox and Paramount have supposedly backed out of YouTube's imminent major movie service in an attempt to force action on piracy. Unofficial comments from the two claim that they won't get onboard as long as Google is indexing pirate video sites in its search engine and allowing them AdSense placement. Disney, not mentioned before, was also leaning the same direction, The Wrap said.
The Media

Submission + - Are Newspapers Getting Too Many Ad Dollars? 2

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Even though newspapers have lost nearly half of their ad revenue in the last five years, Alan Mutter writes in "Reflections of a Newsosaur" that a recent report shows that newspapers get three times more advertising dolars than their readership deserves. Television, for example, represents about 43% of the time Americans spend consuming media and broadcasters collect about 43% of the advertising dollars, so that sounds about right. But even though consumers spend barely 5% of their time reading newspapers, eMarketer found that publishers are getting 17% of the ad spend and in the most egregious mismatch discovered by the study, only 0.5% of advertising dollars go to mobile phones even though people spend more than 8% of their media time using them. Internet ad dollars are also being shortchanged with 25% of media mindshare devoted to the Internet and barely 19% of ad dollars going to the web. "This is good news for newspaper publishers because it proves that they have done an excellent job to date of convincing marketers of the value of their medium," writes Mutter. "It also is bad news for publishers, because it represents a formidable threat: What would happen if advertisers began to wonder why they are spending so much on newspapers when they can use cheaper and more targetable advertising to reach the growing audiences on the web, mobile and social media?""

Submission + - Merck's Drug Propecia Causing Sexual Dysfunction 2

zaxios writes: "Merck — the pharmaceutical giant previously featured on Slashdot for drawing up a 'hit list' of doctors that criticized its drug Vioxx, and creating a fake medical journal to endorse its products — is embroiled in a new scandal. USA Today is reporting on two new studies that show that Propecia, Merck's $250 million prescription medication for baldness, can make men irreversibly impotent. Lawsuits have been filed in the United States and Canada from men claiming to have permanently lost their sexual function after taking the drug. All this is reminiscent of Merck's difficulties with Vioxx, a once $2.5 billion a year drug withdrawn from the market in 2004, after a study showed it doubled the risk of heart attack and stroke in users. That led to a $4.85 billion settlement by Merck for personal injury claims."

Submission + - Android Chief Issues Rebuttal To Critics (

bonch writes: Google's Andy Rubin has posted a response to critics of Google's decision to withhold Honeycomb's source from non-privileged hardware vendors, as well their final approval over third-party changes to the operating system. Rubin calls it an 'anti-fragmentation strategy' and describes media reports as 'misinformation.' ArsTechnica issued its own response, claiming Rubin missed the point and that Android's level of openness is still below what Google promised. They also cite a BusinessWeek article in which sources claim Google is leveraging source availability to obstruct Verizon phones modified to use Bing. Does Android live up to Google's initial commitment to openness?

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