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Comment Re:Popcorn. (Score 1) 381


He *IS* entitled to be allowed to participate. He just is not entitled to be listened to. If a white supremist shows up at a BLM rally, and opens his fat mouth with verbal diarrhea, he has ever right to be there. The BLM people there have every right to tell him to shut the fuck up.

DO NOT go down the route of Animal Farm, and assert that some people are more equal than others.

Comment requires lowering prices (Score 1) 133

While logical, sensible, and straight forward in its reasoning and conclusion, this will require the rights holder to lower thier prices while increasing availability.

this is unpopular.

here is why.

1) more downloading at lower pricepoints increases distribution costs in terms of supplying the needed bandwidth.

2) more downloading at lower pricepoints reduces the per transaction profit margin.

that is both more money going out, and less money coming in.

the grim reality that thier product is overpriced in the market is only considered in terms of how to force buyers into buying the overpriced options they provide, via exclusivity and threat of the legal system.

They hate piracy, not because "we cant compete with free!", no. they hate piracy because it demonstrates that thier prices are not appropriate for the market. (as evidenced by this groups findings, and the findings of other groups like them.) they realize that the age of big radio, big music, etc is over. they are in serious danger of being dethroned as the gatekeepers and storytellers of culture. having to compete with the millions of other story tellers that a lower market price enables, as the cost of producton drops, scares the shit out of them.

piracy is just the scapegoat they blame. the garage band that self produces and succeeds on talent is what scares them. the lawyers and the lawsuits on infringement are really aimed at these bands who inadvertantly use 3 chords from a song the paranoid publisher owns, so the paranoid publisher can destroy them, and not look bad doing it.

Comment Re:Never attribute to malice ... (Score 1) 180

What's stopping you?

Many chromebooks can have a seasbios legacy boot mode installed without risk at all.

Check this out, for instance.

I am posting this from a Celes right now.

Failing that, you could try Crouton:

The main issue with booting real linux on a chromebook is the use of the SPI bus instead of a legacy PCI bus. This makes for serious issues with getting SDCard slots, keyboards, and mice running.

Linux can fix that by adding better support for SPI based devices in mainline, but clearly it is google's fault. (rolls eyes)

Comment Re:Two words. (Score 1) 467

Microsoft probably offered Lenovo a "deal" on windows licensing, if they implemented an anticompetitive feature like this.

Lenovo wants to sell a windows laptop cheaper than the competition without cutting into their margins.

They shake hands, and bastardry like this is born.

Lenovo only did what it felt necessary to get ahead--- (like collude in anticompetitive practices), but microsoft is the instigator.

They are the ones with the ambition of chasing Linux out of the market.

Comment Re:Two words. (Score 1) 467

Often, simply flashing the drive resets all the ATA options, regardless of the package.

EG, you save the existing firmware, then flash that firmware right back on the drive.

Failing that, you might be able to set the drive outside of that mode with the flash utility anyway without flashing, if no master password is set.

Comment Re:Two words. (Score 1) 467

Hold up here.

While I agree that MS needs a good testicle stomping for this, there might be a way out of this technologically.

If I am understanding the issue correctly:

1) The drive uses a proprietary RAID encoding
2) Only windows supports this RAID config

So, options:

1) Replace the drive with an unencumbered controller, and dont boot windows. For added security, set a management password on the drive to prevent the bios from fudging with it using another system first.

2) Boot the computer into recovery mode, and start a cli console. Run the drive's firmware update utility to wipe the drive and reset its options, and once all the ata settings are reset, set a master password to keep the bios out.

If either of those two fail, (because the bios is sabotaged to force-set the drive into that mode instantly on power on, or some other shennanigans, like refusing to work with a drive that is not in that mode) THEN sue the shit out of microsoft, and Lenovo for conspiring to engage in illegal anticompetitive behavior.

Comment Re:No matter how clueless we are ... (Score 5, Insightful) 257

personally, i would say cancer is much more like wallstreet fatcats.

a mutation in the rules governing proper behavior causes them to consume all available resources, send ssignals to the regulatory system that they are essential and need protection, while earnestly believing they are the most important part of the system while destroying it from the inside, due to the removal of a system to terminate that behavior early.

Comment Re:But climate change is a myth!!! YODA GREASE (Score 1) 204

Do you have problems with contextualization?

Here, let me help you.

This september, Like the august before it, and the July before that, and the June before that..... ... ...

are all closely following the predictions of global temperature increase due to increased atmospheric CO2.

That the predictions favor the production of a practically uninhabitable planet in the next 2 centuries is pretty fucking scary.

That month after month after month has corroborated the predictions, makes the prediction pretty fucking scary.

Thank you, and good night.

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