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Comment Re:But what about "its other content"? (Score 1) 73

Your biases aside, he is right you know.

Look at the drek released by sify. Or even History Channel.

Unless you happen to LIKE endless reruns of ancient aliens, bugnuts wrong conspiracy documentaries (sometimes about ancient Egypt), and really bad monster movies with really bad CGI, of course.

In which case, Netflix still has your back.

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 73

A thing that is not netflix's fault. The big media giants want Netflix dead, so you have to use their streaming media offers that are bundled with traditional cable TV.

netflix has been fighting hard to keep good outside content, but is basically the victim of unfair market practices by big holding companies.

complaining that it is netflix's fault is idiocy.

Comment of course the do! (Score 5, Insightful) 73

Netflix has been on the recieving end of a concerted effort to kill it by the big media players, because they dont like the disruptive marketing model that netflix represents. that is why these media giants have categorically denied access to recent media offers, and keep hogtieing netflix in licensing disputes and changes.

Netflix knows exactly what people want, because even though they cannot stream the titles people want (because of the previously mentioned chicannery) they still record the search terms and frequency. knowing exactly what people want lets them make desirable original media, and turn the tables on the big media giants.

why else do you think ATT feels it needs to buy Time Warner on the auspices of "remaining competative", than to become the single largest media giant AND ISP, if not to cripple Netflix by strangling it for access to customers?

i mean, seriously.

Comment hooray, nationalims, ra ra ra. (blech) (Score 1) 46

yes, lets use big data analitics to create tons of false positives in an endless feedback loop (because the metrics we use to determine disloyalty and impurity will absoutely include search term related to our arrests, and purely poitical punishments, legal or otherwise, of anyone we find disfavorable), and impose ideological purity requirements that come straight out of a George Orwell novel, because that is what is all the rage for major superpowers to do this decade!

Just look at how effective the collaboration betweem the US and the UK has been at circumventing due process, and employing extraordinary rendition in the politically and financially unfavorable!

Then you have the amazing military and police actions performed under Putin in Russia. Just a few years ago, his ambitious power tripping started with a simple van ride for Gary Kasperov, evolved a few years later into a landgrab of the whole Eastern side of Ukraine, and now has even reached openly meddling in the political processes of its arch rival, the USA, while at the same time double talking about cooperation in Syria.

China simply cannot allow these two forces to surpass it on these essential initiatives in being the most officious regime on the planet! By combining the sigint methods of the US without having to waste precious resources on keeping blatantly illegal actions under wrap, (because we in China are forward thinking enough to have them be legal in the first place!) with the coy military and bold policing done by Russia, we will surely surpass both on our ascendency to becoming the most powerful nation on the planet!

Already, our blatant currency manipulation, predatory trade practices, and complete lack of environmental oversight have completely crippled manufacturing in pretty much every other global power, making them hopelessly dependent upon us for pretty much everything. All we need do at this point is begin our plans to silently and stealthfully sieze control, and domination of ideas and information is essential for this!

Chairman Mao could only have dreamed of the tools available in this new age of Mandarin sepremacy! We have siezed the means of production, and now we must finish the job!

Glory to China!

(cough, gag, sputter-- i hate it when my government mandated feed of nationalism gets switched with the wrong feed! USA! USA!)


Comment Re:Moving goal posts (Score 1) 344

It was underwater. Or don't you remember the last storm. The one that flooded all the subways, cut off power to half the city, and destroyed Rockaway?


Well, he points to Al Gore on the topic of climate change, so "N00b" is being pretty generous of you.

And I'd like a link to an IPCC report that predicted NYC would be under water by now. Eventually, without massive infrastructure to prevent it, sure.

Slashdot sucks donkey balls on political issues these days and, unfortunately, climate science has been politicized by the deniers.

Comment The press will get burned. (Score 1) 356

Suppose you had 30,000 purloined emails, and access to the resources of a major state. A simple disinformation move would be to have minions read them all, and select and modify a tiny number (say, 5 or 10) to become explosive (add a racial slur, a phrase about keeping ill gotten gains, etc.). Make those changes, and then release the whole mess*. Wait for the press to find your land mines, enjoy. Yes, these changes could probably be disproved in court, but that's not the goal of a disinformation campaign.

In this scenario, the press will inevitably become collateral damage, but the perpetrators are not likely to care (and may even view that as a side-benefit).

* If there are integrity checks, such as MD5 sums, either hack them or remove them. I don't think that will hinder anyone with an intelligence agency behind them.

Comment Re:Should have used APPS! (Score 1) 109

Wikipedia is your friend.

I won't spoil it for you, but early in the industrial revolution a man with the lad name "Ludd" started a movement to try and halt the spread of mechanization via acts of sabotage. The basic feature was fear of new methods and technologies.

People who subscribed to his ideology were called "Luddites". In more modern parlance, the term refers to anyone who is resistant to adopting new tech.

Comment Re:ASLR was a dumb idea while it lasted (Score 4, Interesting) 72

define malware.

this would be useful for killing some of the more nasty forms of drm, for instance. a runtime patcher could learn exactly where to patch, and booya.

the more idiots trying to count chickens before they hatch thart get their eggs smashed, the happier i am. maybe they will one day learn that they cant have *all* of the pie, no matter how much they want it.

Comment Obvious takeaway here? (Score 5, Insightful) 41

And there is no broad picture to take away from this?

Such as, if prepubescent school kids (not the mist shining example of intellectual prowess) are not a good target for this tool, how would it be effective against domestic terror agents, or even foreign terror agents?

They imply it only collects the public data available-- not the private data. It is therefore only useful as a tool to make associations with, and make inferences, using otherwise beniegn data points.

Unless the school has an interest in being the thought police, or trying to make Joe McCarthy's ghost blush, it is no wonder they did not find it useful.

Given thus finding, what does this say about the CIA's goals?

Comment Re:one in every home? (Score 1) 227

Or, need a way to transport large sums of energy from where bulk generation is possible to where demand for that energy is high, and do so with minimal losses.

This looks like the latter.

It solves the problem of " how do you intend to get all that power from that coastal windfarm to the city where it is needed?"

The answer? "In a big assed fuel tanker."

Comment Re:Cost? (Score 4, Informative) 227

To collect the ethanol, the water being treated needs to be isolated from the rest of the reactant supply (aka, the ocean). The availability of local power from ocean wave generators, or tidal generators means the expense of using reverse osmosis is possible to account for. We don't need a membrane that makes clean water, just one that holds ethanol in, and that keeps plankton and microbes out.

Ethanol is a fairly large molecule (compared to salt, or co2), and microbes are downright huge in comparison.

Automated jets of ocean water against the membrane to knock plankton off every so often, coupled with a maintenance schedule, and such platforms could be extracting ethanol in huge amounts cheaply, expelling very clean ocean brine.

Assuming the catalyst can endure salt being present anyway.

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