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Comment Re:Maybe (Score 5, Informative) 79

If you really would have been interested in the source, you would have seen the BIG BOX below the data that says 'SOURCE' with a short description and a link ORIGINAL DATA that links to the organisation that provided the data. and after 2 minutes of browsing, I found this: where you can find information how the data was collected.

stop whining, start looking. thanks.

Lara Croft's Big Comeback 96

Next Generation has a piece talking to Eidos marketing chief Bob Lindsey about the restoration of Lara Croft's good name. From the article: "Lindsey says the negative associations surrounding Lara will be swept away with a single decent iteration, arguing that Lara, far from being a one-decade wonder, has legs. 'Eidos has learned in spades that just because we make it, does not means they will come,' he says. 'Users are very discerning about what is a good experience and what is not. If you create a big franchise like Tomb Raider, one that has sold more than 30 million units globally, you can't afford to burn it with something that does not deliver.'"

Comment Re:Why Java doesn't work (Score 1) 397

So the real question would be: why (and how?) do you propose to write portable, cross-platform code for this processor anyway? In my experience, with devices as limited as this, you're almost always better off writing the code in hand-crafted assembler anyway, which given the size limitations is entirely possible. Heck, you could write the code in binray, if you wanted to. No portability there, I'm afraid...

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