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Comment Get off my lawn! (Score 5, Informative) 465

This is just a case of someone that doesn't know how the Internet works, and maybe can't read. It's documented elsewhere that his account was disabled because of a violation of Google's terms, and when that happens, after you try to log into google there's a prominent message saying as much with instructions on how to get more info, etc.

Nothing has been deleted. Nothing is gone. He just needs to take care of whatever violation he triggered with Google.

And, as stated elsewhere by everybody and their mothers, back your stuff up someplace else in the physical world. Hard to believe it took this guy 63 years to learn that lesson.

Comment Re:Plex (Score 1) 226

Not sure why people bother with a Plex 'server' any more, it's not needed on an ATV4 with something like VLC or InFuse (my personal favorite) that plays media directly from a network mount. No transcoding necessary for pretty much any media I throw at it. Then you can be pretty much platform-agnostic on your media storage device (NAS.) Been using this setup since the ATV4 came out and am very happy with it. I don't even bother to compress my media any more. 40 GB bluray rip? No problem.

When Amazon got whiney and refused to sell or support ATV4, I cancelled my Prime subscription. Haven't missed it one little bit.

Comment Why the sudden interest? (Score 3, Insightful) 67

What with this announcement and a similar announcement from Hulu, I'm wondering if Apple is actually about to announce something and these also-rans (ha ha) are trying to preemptively FUD them ...? One can only hope.

I'm already on the Hulu bandwagon, paying the extra for no ads. If they can put something together with the live TV I want to watch, at a decent price, and retain the ability to cut the commercials on non-live stuff... that would be pretty compelling for a lot of people.

Comment Re:cut off finger instead (Score 1) 106

My guess is that 99% of tourists that are dumb enough to give up their fingerprints and financial information to a foreign government will be carrying a wallet, anyway.

I use Apple Pay constantly, daily, but I still carry a wallet with credit cards in it.

Just saying that your fingers will be safe since traditional robbery will still work pretty well.

Comment More importantly ... (Score 5, Interesting) 346

What info did the FBI get off the phone? I think it's generally considered that time was a crucial element in getting any meaningful info from the phone, and perhaps days or hours after the event, anything in there would be useless.

I'm not sure anyone has yet to convince me that more encryption = more terrorism.

Comment May 23 is the date (Score 5, Informative) 173

Just logged into my ATT account and this is what it says:

Starting May 23, we are increasing the U–verse Internet data allowance for many customers. After a grace period, and as our agreement provides, there's a $10 charge for each 50GB of data you use over the allowance. Want unlimited data? You can:

          Bundle your U-verse Internet service with DIRECTV or U-verse TV. This gives you an
            unlimited Internet data allowance ($30 value) for no additional charge.

          Purchase an unlimited allowance for your Internet service for $30. This option doesn’t
            require a TV bundle.

Comment Re:Three words (Score 3, Insightful) 173 is doing this in San Francisco. Unfortunately, I live literally 50 feet outside the neighborhood they're running fiber to right now. I'm thinking of moving just to get out from under AT&T. I've never had to suffer through such a consumer-unfriendly ISP before. The only alternative where I live is Comcast so I'm screwed either way.

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