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Comment Re:Dont use lastpass (Score 2) 415

+1 for 1Password.

I don't have strong enough words to endorse their Watchtower service, which tracks recent breaches, affected sites, and warns you about it so you can change your passwords on affected sites. It also reports about duplicate passwords used multiple places, last time they were changed, etc. That functionality of 1Password alone is worth the cost, especially if you have hundreds or thousands of passwords.

You can store your key database in multiple different places, you just have to choose the one you think is most secure. :)

Comment Re:It's not illegal to "watch pirated content" (Score 2) 257

You're out of your mind and spreading fallacies.

Subscribing to Netflix, say, gives you a license to stream content from them, sometimes locked to a region. It's illegal to, say, use a VPN to pretend you're in Canada to stream content. Or to share your HBONow login with 100 people.

As others have mentioned, for most of us it's a question of convenience. There will be those that steal just to steal, but there's absolutely no reason why I should have to subscribe to a cable package to watch the Golden Globes when I have DirecTVNow or Sling or any myriad of streaming services that carry NBC. That's just stupid.

Comment Re: What an idiot (Score 4, Insightful) 277

Maybe because it's the ethical thing to do, and perhaps he'll want to work in IT some time in the future. But that ship has probably already sailed.

My guess is that this guy is in his early 20's, first IT job probable, and doesn't realize the ramifications of what he's doing, career-wise.

I'm old enough to have been laid off several times, and most of those times I forgot to document something or whatever, and I helped out my former comrades when asked, well after my termination, because you build a rep in this business and this childish garbage will follow you around forever.

Comment Re:At least they weren't stealing from SCO (Score 1) 70

I don't believe that the presence of the code in Linux has ever had anything to do with it, it's the alleged copyright that SCO wrongfully staked a claim on. Then switched to trade secrets. Then licensing fees.

They originally breached the licensing agreement with Novell and refused to defend themselves, opting instead to continue filing frivolous lawsuits against anyone using or supporting Linux, then claiming the proof was secret and they wouldn't discuss it in open court.

Their misunderstanding of what they sued AutoZone for is a hilarious story, too.

And when SCO tried to claim copyright on GPL'ed code.

And then the consultants that found no evidence of copyright infringement in Linux code.

Your view of history is severely muddled, and I'm not even sure what this has to do with videogames. SCO (and it's many incarnations) was essentially a licensee of Unix that misunderstood what Unix/Linux was and attempted to be an early incarnation of a patent/copyright troll. That 'little guy' deserved the beating they got.

Comment Shenanigans (Score 0, Flamebait) 243

I'm calling shenanigans on the claim it was used to fry a 'brand new MacBook Pro', as a brand new MacBook Pro doesn't have USB ports. Unless you're buying a model that's a few years old, and why would you do that?

I'm glad my iPhone 7 is safe from any potential 'headphone jack killer' devices. Ha ha. You lameos and your non-Apple products.

Comment Re:Space is man's hopeless romance (Score 1) 102

Your ideas about time travel are limited by the breadth of current human knowledge.

100 years ago people thought the moon was made of cheese, and now walking on it is passe. Your notion of a "simple physics hack" might be state of the art science for an alien species 200 light years away.

What nobody proposes is that aliens think we're boring and would rather visit that one planet where where the ladies all have four boobs and men have feelings.

Comment Re:The party I have the least respect for (Score 3, Insightful) 156

Doesn't matter, status of the relationship, regardless of how skeezy it is. In the US, you can't publish a sex tape without the consent of everyone that's in it. That's really the only question here. I'm not a fan of anyone in this story, but Gawker willfully, purposely, knowingly, blatantly broke the law. I'm no celebrity but as someone who likes his privacy, I'm pretty glad they got sued and lost.

It's interesting. When you see these 'leaked' sex tapes of celebrities that _aren't_ suing Gawker media, that's not a leak. That's a consensual, for-profit marketing ploy for said celeb.

Comment Down the rabbit hole (Score 1, Interesting) 311

The processing of nearly every credit card purchase in the US eventually trickles down to one firm, so perhaps it wasn't the 'big four' conspiring.

I'm not really sure why them setting the same date for themselves affects anyone. Just upgrade your damn terminal already.

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