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Comment Fighting congestion? (Score 1) 70

I sorta feel like these heli-pads would be a point of congestion ...? Kinda like every train station and parking lot in every city? I'm not seeing how this avoids congestion.

And good luck getting your helipads built around a city like San Francisco. Gigabit internet now comes down from the power lines because people whined too much about a little metal box on every corner. Or even buried under the sidewalk on every corner. (here's an idea. replace all those useless mailboxes with last-mile fiber access points. Problem solved.)

I hear the 'Simply just live near where you work!' crowd already. Hey look, we all can't work stuffing envelopes from home. And guess what? Lots of people already do that, anyway, but we don't live in the same building where we work. I live in the same city but my commute on non-train days still sucks. For a new system of commuting to work, you need to get people from where they live (neighborhoods where houses and apartments are) to where they work (downtown.) I don't see a time where most cities will be cool with helicopters buzzing over densely populated residential areas.

Commercial flight works (mostly) because there's better economics in moving a couple hundred people at one time in the same vehicle. The smaller the vehicle, the less those economics work. There's a reason why so many people take a bus to work and no public transportation system in the world is made up of a fleet of cars.

I figure Airbus has smart people working for them somewhere, but this just seems rather unfeasible. And frankly just kinda dumb.

I'm waiting for a new startup to propose public zip-lines as a means to disrupt the moving economy.

Comment Re:Bluetooth? (Score 1) 394

Sounds like your Nexus 6P is garbage. Should have sprung for a real phone.

I listen to to music through BT with my iPhone 10-15 feet away and it's always rock solid. Headphones, Big Jambox, little Jambox, no problem. It's not the technology itself but the cheap, crappy implementations of it on inferior phones that's the problem.

Comment Re:Idiotic Argument (Score 1) 394

Correction: _licensed_ media, not purchased. People have this notion that they own the music they buy, which has never been true.

Not saying I like DRM or anything, but Apple has a pretty good track record of being anti-DRM. I'm not sure why people think they'll suddenly change their attitude.

Why can't it be that analog headphone jacks are half a century old and they just simply don't belong on a phone in 2016?

Comment Re:Time IS on Apple's Side (Score 1) 111

I'd like to know where you get your drugs.

People said radio was over when talkies came around. Movies were over when TV came around. Now TV is over because ... why? I'm not sure I got it.

The fact remains that good old broadcast TV rakes in huge piles of cash because that's what people want. This pipe dream of cheap content is just that, a pipe dream. I fail to see a day where we're all watching different versions of PewDiePie beamed directly into our brains. Please shoot me.

Good content, good storytellers, all that costs money. I'm paraphrasing David Lynch from a film named Side By Side, about how digital cameras have made the means of production accessible to everyone. He said 'Everyone has access to pencil and paper, but it doesn't make everyone a writer.'

Every so often something decent rises from the primordial goo of the Internet, but then guess what happens? That person gets a regular TV show on regular TV, because that's how people consume content. The ratio of traditional media to 'Internet media' will surely change, but when I'm dead in 30 years or so, network TV ('cable' or broadcast) will still rule the roost, because good entertainment costs money (to produce.)

Comment Re:Skinny? (Score 1) 111

30 bucks for just those few channels is not at all skinny.

Pure speculation, but several networks have a vested interest (literally vested) in Hulu, so my guess is they're not entirely on board with competing with themselves on a different platform that likely won't get them as much cashish.

Apple should just buy Hulu and put live streaming on it.

Comment Get off my lawn! (Score 5, Informative) 465

This is just a case of someone that doesn't know how the Internet works, and maybe can't read. It's documented elsewhere that his account was disabled because of a violation of Google's terms, and when that happens, after you try to log into google there's a prominent message saying as much with instructions on how to get more info, etc.

Nothing has been deleted. Nothing is gone. He just needs to take care of whatever violation he triggered with Google.

And, as stated elsewhere by everybody and their mothers, back your stuff up someplace else in the physical world. Hard to believe it took this guy 63 years to learn that lesson.

Comment Re:Plex (Score 1) 226

Not sure why people bother with a Plex 'server' any more, it's not needed on an ATV4 with something like VLC or InFuse (my personal favorite) that plays media directly from a network mount. No transcoding necessary for pretty much any media I throw at it. Then you can be pretty much platform-agnostic on your media storage device (NAS.) Been using this setup since the ATV4 came out and am very happy with it. I don't even bother to compress my media any more. 40 GB bluray rip? No problem.

When Amazon got whiney and refused to sell or support ATV4, I cancelled my Prime subscription. Haven't missed it one little bit.

Comment Why the sudden interest? (Score 3, Insightful) 67

What with this announcement and a similar announcement from Hulu, I'm wondering if Apple is actually about to announce something and these also-rans (ha ha) are trying to preemptively FUD them ...? One can only hope.

I'm already on the Hulu bandwagon, paying the extra for no ads. If they can put something together with the live TV I want to watch, at a decent price, and retain the ability to cut the commercials on non-live stuff... that would be pretty compelling for a lot of people.

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