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Submission + - A tiny startup called SnapRoute has overthrown HPE from its own project (

mattydread23 writes: The OpenSwitch project to create a new Linux-based switch, which was started by HP Enterprise, is being turned over to a startup of ex-Apple engineers called SnapRoute. They are due to announce the change on Monday, according to Business Insider. "OpenSwitch has been decimated," one person told the publication. "HP killed OpenSwitch. SnapRoute is taking it over."

Submission + - Apple refused to join Open Compute Project, so the entire networking team quit (

mattydread23 writes: Great story about the Open Compute Project from Business Insider's Julie Bort here, including this fun tidbit: "[Apple's networking] team was responsible for building a network at Apple that was so reliable, it never goes down. Not rarely. Never....Building a 100% reliable network to meet Apple's exacting standards was no easy task. So, instead of going it alone under Apple's secrecy, the Apple networking team wanted to participate in the revolution, contributing and receiving help. But when the Apple team asked to join OCP, Apple said 'no.' 'The whole team quit the same week,' this person told us."

Submission + - Here's what went down at Def Con and Black Hat (

mattydread23 writes: Referred to as "hacker summer camp," Black Hat USA and Def Con last week brought together hackers, information security professionals, and government agents. This year, more than 22,000 people showed up to see talks, buy tools and t-shirts, and enjoy Sin City. They also crammed into various villages at Def Con to compete or learn things like lock-picking and safekeeping their online privacy. Business Insider with the photo report.

Submission + - GitHub is undergoing a full-blown overhaul as execs and employees depart (

mattydread23 writes: This is what happens when hot startups grow up. CEO Chris Wanstrath is imposing management structure where there wasn't much before, and execs are departing, partly because the company is cracking down on remote work. It's a lot like Facebook in 2009. Business Insider has the full inside story based on multiple sources in and close to the company.

Submission + - Microsoft is letting programmers manage Docker containers in Minecraft (

mattydread23 writes: It's not really practical to run around in Minecraft to manage Docker containers, versus other, more robust tools that are actually, you know, not based on a video game. And you'll need to buy the full $26.99 version of Minecraft for the PC to use Dockercraft. But still, this is pretty cool. Video included.

Submission + - Microsoft Office 365 has sprinted ahead of Google for Work — here's why (

mattydread23 writes: Microsoft has finally put Google on the defensive. In the last year, Microsoft Office 365 has overtaken Google for Work (formerly Google Apps) in usage, according to stats from cloud identity management provider Okta. The main reason? A lot of CIOs still think Google doesn't give them the kind of support and hand-holding they need.

Submission + - If you know Linux, Microsoft wants you (

mattydread23 writes: At the AllThingsOpen today, Mark Russinovich told a room full of Linux developers to pass their resumes up. "It's obvious. If we don't support Linux, we'll be Windows only and that's not practical," he said. Microsoft also looks like it might be finally softening its patent stance with regards to open source software too.

Submission + - Facebook's internal security processes, revealed (

mattydread23 writes: Business Insider talked to Facebook's software and security engineer Ted Reed about some of the tools and techniques the company uses to let its developers move fast without exposing the company to huge security holes. One of the chief tools is an open source tool for collecting network data called Osquery. But the best bit is at the end: "Sometimes, Reed says, Facebook's dedicated anti-intrusion squad will get an e-mail, jump up from their desks in alarm, and scramble to a conference room. But when Reed looks in, they're just playing Starcraft."

Submission + - GitHub's next move: Turn everybody into a programmer (

mattydread23 writes: This interview with Chris Wanstrath and product VP Kakul Srivastava explains a little more what GitHub is planning — and how the company can be worth $2 billion. Basically, if every developer in the world uses and loves GitHub, the next logical step is to turn more people into developers.

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