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Submission + - It looks like C has peaked (

Gamoid writes: The venerable C programming language hit a 15-year low on the TIOBE Index, perhaps because more mobile- and web-friendly languages like Swift and Go are starting to eat its lunch.

Submission + - The history of Minesweeper (

Gamoid writes: I wrote a short history of Minesweeper, as told by the Product Manager in charge of it back in the nineties. This includes a harrowing tale of Bill Gates' Minesweeper addiction, and how it gave him an existential crisis about the future of humanity (and I'm only half-joking).

Submission + - The weird history of the Microsoft Windows Start button (

Gamoid writes: Windows 3.1 was so complicated that even a Boeing propulsion scientist couldn't figure out how to open a word processor. A behavioral scientist, who once worked with BF Skinner at Harvard, was brought in to Microsoft to figure out what was going wrong — and he came to the Start button, for which he holds the patent today. It's a weird and cool look at how simple ideas aren't obvious.

Submission + - Microsoft is working with the Linux Foundation (

Gamoid writes: Microsoft has joined up with the likes of Docker, CoreOS, VMware, Red Hat, Google, and Amazon for the Open Container Project — a non-profit for a container standard, housed under the Linux Foundation. Times, they are a-changin'.

Submission + - Pandora didn't pay 50 employees for 2 years (

Gamoid writes: Back during Pandora Internet Radio's bad old days in the early aughts, it was in such bad shape that they went two years without paying 50 workers.

Also, they initially thought it was a failure because they fed it a Beatles song and it returned a Bee Gees song.

Submission + - Windows 10 releases this summer (

Gamoid writes: Microsoft quietly confirmed that Windows 10 will in fact launch this summer — and it's encouraging users to put the technical preview on Xiaomi tablets. Oh, plus, Cortana will get a Mandarin localization.

Submission + - A hospital delivering domestic violence restraining orders via teleconference ( 1

Gamoid writes: I talked to a hospital that's delivering restraining orders to victims of domestic abuse via teleconferencing, helping to protect them in their most vulnerable time. It's not even a drop in the ocean, but it's a really cool story about how technology can be used to help people — and how the legal system still needs to catch up with technological progress.

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