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Comment Re:Speak for yourself (Score 1) 138

Why would I want to do that? I can use the third mouse button to do that,

Mouse != Trackpoint

If you want to be ignorant of superior pointing devices, you can make that choice. Don't call other people dumb just because you prefer an inferior and less productive way to move your cursor.

Me on my trackpad can run circles around anyone on their trackpoint.

Comment Re:Create? (Score 1) 138

Can you explain this more, or point me to a resource that explains the whole Space+Enter thing? I just did a Google search and didn't turn anything up. You're saying that pressing Space+Enter on a Chromebook is hard-wired to do bad things?

I don't have one — and am not likely ever to buy one — but my curiosity is now piqued.

Comment Re:Speak for yourself (Score 1) 138

I've never had a touchpad that doesn't suck

Apparently, then, you have never used a Mac laptop.

Touchpads are for fat people.

Trackpoints are for dumb people. You can't even do the most basic operation (two-finger scrolling) using a trackpoint. The only thing you can do with a trackpoint is point. That's it. That's dumb. Enjoy the dumbness, though, if that's your preference.

Submission + - Fedora 24 Now Generally Available, Delivers New Cloud and Container Features (

An anonymous reader writes: The Fedora Project, a Red Hat, Inc., sponsored and community-driven open source collaboration, today announced the general availability of Fedora 24, the first 2016 release of the fully-open Fedora operating system. As with previous Fedora releases, Fedora 24 comprises a set of base packages that form the foundation of three distinct editions: Fedora 24 Cloud, Fedora 24 Server, and Fedora 24 Workstation.

At a foundational level, Fedora 24 now includes glibc 2.23 for better performance and improvements to POSIX compliance and GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) 6. All base packages have been rebuilt with GCC 6, providing better code optimization across all Fedora 24 editions and improving the overall stability of each addition.

While enhanced features and bug fixes have been delivered for all editions, Fedora 24 emphasizes new tools and capabilities for developers seeking to better leverage Linux containers and orchestration technologies, like Kubernetes. This is highlighted through the inclusion of OpenShift Origin, a Kubernetes distribution for application development and deployment, with Fedora 24 Cloud to help create an overall smoother experience for Fedora Cloud users building and launching containerized applications.

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