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Comment Algorithms != Implementations (Score 1) 120

I am really sick of people misusing the word algorithm.

Reuters did not build an algorithm. They devised an algorithm and then built a system based on that algorithm.

Algorithms are methods... processes... ways of doing things. Algorithms are not implementations. Algorithms are the conceptual steps, not the manifestation of those steps.

Comment Re:Too small (Score 1) 105

small ppi fonts would be illegible

Then they're doing it wrongly. :)

No, they aren't. "ppi" here doesn't stand for "points per inch"; it stands for "pixels per inch."

There are always 72.27 points per inch. Always. (Unless you're using PostScript, in which case there are 72 points per inch.) So "small points-per-inch fonts" is essentially meaningless, and is not what they meant.

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