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Comment Re:I have a remote option but go in anyway (Score 1) 250

I get things done quicker leaving the distractions of my home and going to a dedicated work environment.

This is a sign of poor self discipline.

It is not.
Self-discipline is on a completely orthogonal axis from distractions at home. At home, you might have small kids running around, or a blaring tv to try to ignore, or flatmates making noise, or the people in the apartment nextdoor might be fucking loudly. No amount of self-discipline can fix this.

Also, even if you're home alone, it just might not feel right doing work at home.

My favorite and most productive location are the local library and coffee shops, in 3-to-6 hour chunks of time. I get tons done there when I'm unable to focus at home.

Comment Algorithms != Implementations (Score 1) 122

I am really sick of people misusing the word algorithm.

Reuters did not build an algorithm. They devised an algorithm and then built a system based on that algorithm.

Algorithms are methods... processes... ways of doing things. Algorithms are not implementations. Algorithms are the conceptual steps, not the manifestation of those steps.

Comment Re:Too small (Score 1) 105

small ppi fonts would be illegible

Then they're doing it wrongly. :)

No, they aren't. "ppi" here doesn't stand for "points per inch"; it stands for "pixels per inch."

There are always 72.27 points per inch. Always. (Unless you're using PostScript, in which case there are 72 points per inch.) So "small points-per-inch fonts" is essentially meaningless, and is not what they meant.

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