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Comment Re:Why Debian? (Score 5, Insightful) 191

Debian places a strong emphasis on stability compared to most distros. Instead of being on the bleeding edge they are conservative and try to provide a stable, bug free, and secure system which is well tested and well understood. Debian also has an extremely strong stance of software freedom, which appeals to some people. Debian is a solid enough distribution that plenty of other distros use it as a base, that should say something about the quality of the work they do. Without Debian there'd be no Ubuntu or Linux Mint since they both pull packages from the unstable (read: under testing / "current" ) Debian repos.

Comment Re:It works in eve (Score 1) 303

No it fucking doesn't work in EVE Online. I also control the character 'masternerdguy' who is an EVE veteran and let me tell you that PLEX (an in-game item that represents 30 days of game time) seriously damaged that game. First of all PLEX exists to try and reduce RMT (and by reduce I mean move the profits to CCP). For those who don't understand the system, a PLEX is bought for about $20 a unit (or less if you buy in bulk) and is traded for in-game currency, ISK, on the free market. So if I wanted to sell a PLEX I'd pay my money, get a PLEX, and sell it in Jita for about 500 million ISK, assuming that another player wants to buy it from me. While it is true that PLEX is a zero sum game (no ISK is created, it only changes hands to a willing buyer. The buyer wants a PLEX because they can pay their subscription with it using ISK) the system results in bizzare wealth distribution. You get 30 day old players flying 10b ISK officer bit Vindicators ( which die hilariously and are made fun of on ) because they have a big credit card. PLEX isn't pay to win, but it does allow you to buy things you shouldn't be able to afford yet. You shouldn't even consider stepping into a Vindicator for 6 months after you start a character.

Comment Re:Shotgun approach (Score 1) 123

I don't want to go back to Palm, Firefox OS doesn't exist yet (they've yet to ship a product), so that leaves Android (which is a great choice because of the well developed ecosystem and ease of deployment). But you forgot about WebOS which is being sold off and is already fully developed by HP, and you forgot Chrome which is looking for someone to care about it.

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