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Comment Re:Scientists have proven (Score 1) 357

Their stated "theory" that it was the Russians that stole Podesta's emails fails the belly-laugh test.

So yeah, they're lying. And it's one of the most cynical political things I've seen in a long long time. It's based on an assumption that people, especially voters, are stupid. And Trump is doing the same thing - his entire campaign is based on the same assumption - all you have to do is listen to him speak.

Two sides of the same coin.

I don't want to vote for either of them. A dead Richard Milhous Nixon is looking quite attractive in comparison.


Comment Re:Scientists have proven (Score 5, Insightful) 357

To date, the Clinton campaign has not once attacked the veracity of the emails.

Not. Even. Once.

They have bobbed, weaved, prevaricated, projected, and otherwise produced non-sequitur "answers" to the questions about the content. But not once have they said "well, that one there, that's false, we never said that." Instead we get tall tales of Russians hacking the DNC -with no evidence - just the Clinton campaign's say-so.

All attacks are upon the messenger(s) and not the facts. And it's amazing how these emails match up with reality.

That tells me a lot. It tells me that the emails are real, and that once Hillary assumes office, the heat is not going to be off. [grumpy cat]Good[/grumpy cat].

Karma is a bitch.


Comment I would believe it. (Score 3, Insightful) 235

I'm quite left of center and the hate for Hillary among my group is probably as bad as the Trump fan hate for Hillary, and people have been complaining about posts disappearing.

Editing content makes you responsible for the content itself, as you are exerting control over it.

I believe practices like this are ridiculously dumb.

Especially since I consider "hate speech" a great idiot filter. It allows me to keep my friends list trimmed. Just like a Confederate flag is, or Trump signs in the yard. But that's my own choosing. I don't want Facebook choosing for me.

Yeah, I know, if it's free you are the product. The problem is that the telnet chat that everyone used has been abandoned (even though it's still up after all these years).


Comment Re:Because Windows Sucks (Score 5, Insightful) 267

>Windows may suck, but they own the hardware driver market,

Linux supports more hardware than Windows supports at one time. Linux even supports that pre-XP scanner that you had to throw out because Microsoft changed the driver model and the manufacturer said "well, the customers will just have to buy new ones."

>driver installation on linux vs windows

It's laughably easier on Linux. Indeed, there aren't these "driver disks" or ridiculously large "driver packs" with bloatware, Flash, Adobe Reader, and Ask toolbars and other totally unrelated junk.

>no games

Funny, Steam has plenty of games.

>but my (obscure game)

Ah, the last refuge of the Windows shill - windows is a game launcher.

>wider universe of valuable things

I find that the software available from the repos is surprisingly good /and/ is not laden with "appeal to the lowest denominator" graphics nonsense (virus scanners on Windows with animations to demonstrate to the user that it's "doing something" as a particularly egregious example). This nonsense is rife throughout the "windows universe of valuable things."

>daily use tasks Linux is better

Indeed. And less common tasks too.


Comment Re:Wag. The. Dog. (Score 1) 491

This is why I trust the content of the emails:

Every argument against them is an ad-hominem attack against Assange and the Russians. Not against the content, mind you, /only/ against Assange and the Russians. And the spin in the press (NYT) against the emails is that they have recipes for "creamy risotto" in them - minimizing the content of everything else.

Every article, every statement attacking Assange is a mere smoke bomb to obscure the actual content of the emails, which have stunning correlation to reality.

That's why I trust the emails. I don't have to trust Assange or anyone with all this bullshit being flung by TPTB and their lackeys in the NYT.

I am a lifelong Democrat. No longer. Not after this election season. And no "BUT TRUMP" is going to get me to pull the lever for Hills. The "I'm sick and tired of the status quo" straw that broke the camel's back is now we are directly attacking Yemen at the Saudis' behest.

Fuck 'em.

Yes. I mad.


Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 5, Insightful) 357

This AG needs to be smacked with a civil rights violation charge and lawsuit.

They first charged Amy Goodman with criminal trespass. The AG had to drop the charge, because it was laughably bogus, as I will demonstrate below.

This is how dumb this AG is:

1. The Native Americans wanted her there.
2. It's their land.
3. JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE AN EASEMENT DOESN'T MEAN YOU OWN THE FUCKING LAND. If you want to own the land under a pipeline, fucking /buy it/ instead of going the cheap route and getting easements.

Ergo, there was no fucking trespass, let alone /criminal/ trespass.

There are no charges for assault with a deadly weapon against the "security" idiots for using /dogs/ against the protesters.

This AG doesn't even fucking understand simple trespass. Where did he get his law degree? From a Cracker Jack box?

And now he "doesn't consider her a journalist" because he doesn't like her attitude. THAT DOES NOT NULLIFY AMY GOODMAN'S FUCKING FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS, YOU IDIOT.

Amy Goodman got $100k out of the last time her civil rights were violated. She should go after the AG /personally/.


Comment Re:Solve problems on Earth first (Score 1) 265

A sufficiently agile drone can do high-G maneuvers that can kill a pilot. Indeed, special care is taken with the flight envelope that a pilot doesn't red-or-black out. There are limits to humans that machinery can surpass and with autonomous drones actually /happening/ now, the days of the human pilot are numbered. I expect this to happen in the near future if it's not already in the skunk-works.

>Drone-f35 synergy

Can be done with AWACS and ELINT equipped aircraft. A C-130 can carry a lot more ELINT equipment than any f35 can. This is especially true since the F35 is supposed to be an over-the-horizon capable weapons system - the pilot never actually sees the target with is own eyes and is far enough to ignore most threats anyway.

And ELINT is better when you have a high-loiter-time aircraft, which is /not/ the F35.


Comment Re:Solve problems on Earth first (Score 2) 265

The space station and manned programs are a drop in the bucket when it comes to the military-industrial-complex budget.

Solve problems here on Earth? A *single* Zumwalt class destroyer costs 4 billion dollars.

We could be building our own infrastructure instead of blowing up other countries infrastructure. Instead of Lockheed building more F35s, which will be obsoleted by drones in 10 years, they could be building comms infrastructure, smart roads, and other actually useful things.

But no, we have to build more things that go zoom zoom boom boom because blowin' shit up is sexier. We /don't/ need stealth planes. We /don't/ need to spend so much more money on "modern" buggy armament. There are good reasons why the Russians still tool around in their Tupolev TU-95s bombing ISIS and we in our B52s. Because they are just fine in the conventional wars we get involved in. There aren't any nation-states out there that have anything even approaching the 60 year old technology these planes represent.

Not even China.

And a war with Russia is laughable. Only the lunatics of the PNAC/FPI and the assholes lining up behind Hillary think that a new cold war between the US and Russia and/or China is in the works. Mostly because they're the ones that intend to create one.

If we only stop propping up the awful Saudis and the likes of them, we could be paying attention to our own problems right here.

The hilarious thing is that there is probably more money to be had by companies like Raytheon and Lockheed in building infrastructure instead of building weapons systems, because there is that much more work to do.

Complaining that the space program costs too much when you look at the other stuff is like complaining about some single mom getting food stamps while Goldman Sachs gets handed a trillion dollars to bail them out.


Comment Wag. The. Dog. (Score 1) 491

Thursday US officials familiar with the investigation told CNN there was "mounting evidence" that Russia was supplying leaked emails to WikiLeaks, and last week in a conference call organized by the Clinton campaign, former Acting CIA Director Mike Morrell said it was "absolutely clear... WikiLeaks and Guccifer 2 are working with the Russians on this."


There is none. This doesn't even pass the belly-laugh test. How do the Russians benefit from any of this? They don't - either way they get some asshole on our side to deal with, and Hillary is more predictable.

Here's the thing:

1. Bernie fans claimed that the Primaries were fixed.

2. Emails from Wikileaks show that there was actual bias (understatement) from the DNC for Hillary.

3. Trump says the primaries were fixed. (like, whatever man, but bear with me for a minute)

4. We saw things like Brooklyn, where over 125K voters were scrubbed from the rolls indiscriminately.

5. The fucking FEDS now claim that the Russians fucked with our elections.

What is the primary common thread through all of this?

That /someone/ - IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO DID IT - fucked over the American People in the Primaries. A vote count is a data set. Once a data set is corrupted, you can't trust it. Ever.

Everyone is pointing out that the Primaries were fucked with. The results are invalid. Q.E.D. Motherfucker.

This wasn't an election. This was a clusterfuck with malice aforethought.

And now, in order to divert attention away from the above, we have NBC News *parroting* propaganda fed to them about a CLANDESTINE TOP SECRET HUSH HUSH CYBER WAR AGAINST THE RUSSKIES!#$!#$#@!!

Since when do we announce clandestine operations on the fucking teevee?

This is intellectually insulting.

Fuck it. I'm "throwing away" my vote for Jill Stein. If my vote isn't going to count anyway, I'm going to put it somewhere else other than supporting "more of the same" bullshit.


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